The Avant-Guide Institute's Trends Expert Reveals How Retailers Are Wooing Customers by Embracing High-Tech

Trends guru Daniel Levine points to technologies that are drawing shoppers to actual shops.

New York, NY, September 23, 2013 --( Renowned trends expert Daniel Levine has noted a rising trend in the retail sector in which technology is being used to lure shoppers to traditional brick-and-mortar shops. While technology, in the form of the Internet is cutting into sales, retailers are using some of the same techniques as their online competitors to beat them at their own game.

One aspect of this trend is the move to digital apps to offer high tech discounts. Retailers like Macy's and start-ups like Swirl are offering exclusive reductions to shoppers who sign up for their online couponing services.

Many retailers are also exploring a variety of cash- and credit card-free transactions that serve to smooth transactions, allowing salespeople to do what they do best: sell. A PayPal app, for example, connects shoppers with cashiers, so that a simple mobile phone buzz notifies shoppers that their transaction has been completed.

Other technologies pointing our cash-free future include e-wallets and even Bitcoins. Such high-tech payouts offer shoppers the benefit of skipping lines and streamlining their shopping trips.

The famous flat-pack home furnishings retailer IKEA is taking high-tech in-store shopping even further with an Augmented Reality app that allows shoppers to see what furniture will look like in their homes before they leave for the store.

"The high-tech trends we're seeing show the dramatic impact smart technology has on shopping, now and in the future" said Daniel Levine, who leads more than 8,000 trends-spotters on the popular trends website "Rather than being threatened by online competitors, retailers are selling smarter, using technology to their advantage to offer shoppers better reasons to go to the store."

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