DIRE Studio Announces the Mark II Artist's Viewfinder

The Mark II Artist's Viewfinder, the successor of DIRE Studio's highly acclaimed Viewfinder family of products, will bring redesigned user interface and a host of new features when its released later this fall.

Pomaz, Hungary, September 22, 2013 --(PR.com)-- The Mark II Artist's Viewfinder is the successor of DIRE Studio's highly acclaimed Viewfinder family of products. The Mark II, sporting a completely redesigned main screen and operation paradigm, was rebuilt from the ground up to take advantage of new technologies available in iOS 7. It leverages DIRE Studio's precise simulation engine and extensive Viewfinder Camera Database, containing more than 400 still and motion picture cameras, 150 medium/large format backs and countless lenses.

What's New

By utilizing the Retina display, frame lines are now 1/3 of their former width. This, along with their increased opacity and contrast, results in drastically improved visibility and reduced interference with the composed shot.

The main screen now handles like a camera, complete with auto-exposure lock, auto-focus lock, AF confirmation beep and single shot/continuous AF support. A new Quick Control Screen for accessing frequently needed functions and a customizable Fn Key make the new app more productive.

The Mark II can save clean full-resolution photos with location and simulation metadata, so it can be also used as a regular camera.

The number of simulated equipment setups (now named "virtual cameras") was increased from 4 to 20. The number of custom cameras and backs was increased from 5 to 20 each. The number of custom focal lengths per virtual camera was increased from 3 to 20.

A new menu system is provided for configuring non-simulation parameters of the app.

Track logging is now enabled while the app runs in the background. Track logs can be managed from within the app, with no need to connect to a computer via iTunes File Sharing.

Quick Lens Change for quickly modifying the lens list of the active virtual camera.

Automatic, configurable length image review (can be also turned off).

Auto-rotation lock in the album.

All features and cameras of the former Pro and Cine editions are now available in a single app, no additional in-app purchases needed.

More features are in development.


The app requires an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad running iOS 7 or higher. On iPad it runs in iPhone compatibility mode.


The Mark II will be available on the App Store later this fall. This will be a paid update for existing Viewfinder Basic/Pro/Cine owners, as it will be an entirely new app.

The former Viewfinder Basic/Pro/Cine apps are now going end-of-life, that is, they will receive no further camera database updates and new device (such as iPhone 5S and 5C) support.

You can follow the Mark II's status by visiting its microsite at http://www.artistsviewfinder.com, or by subscribing to the Viewfinder Bulletin at http://www.direstudio.com/viewfinder/bulletin.

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