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India’s first Sky Gallery, Sublime Galleria is a dynamic meeting ground for upcoming artists, art connoisseurs and buyers. Founded in 2009, Sublime is a renowned platform for the promotion of diversity and innovation in art.

Bangalore, India, September 22, 2013 --( The Sublime Galleria is a dynamic meeting ground for upcoming artists, art connoisseurs, and buyers. It is India’s first Sky Gallery, and was founded in 2009 by Ms. Uzma Irfan, Executive Director of Corporate Communications at the Prestige Group. Having hosted several successful exhibitions in the past, it is recognized as a launch-pad for upcoming artists who represent a cross section of styles, media, techniques and forms that define today’s artistic sensibilities. Sublime Galleria ( ) is on a mission to further the cause of the arts and also sees itself as a dynamic crucible for the next generation to develop and showcase their talent. It reaches out to upcoming artists and offers them a platform to showcase and make their body of work accessible to the art lovers of Bengaluru. Sublime also organises regular workshops for children in various creative and artistic fields like music, painting, drama, dance and more. These workshops are conducted by international experts and offer the kids an opportunity to develop their skills and augment their knowledge in their chosen area of creative expression.

One such workshop is ‘Berserk,’ an art conference for children between the age of 8 and 12 years. Through a series of rigorous auditions in the chosen city schools, a set of 60 students were shortlisted to take part in the 3-day residential conclave aimed at promoting and encouraging creativity and talent. At the grassroots level, this is a 3-day residential art conference with expert mentors from Jagriti, Lourd Vijay Dance Studio, Taaqademy and 3 Peel. Selected children of different verticals received endorsements ranging from intensive training programs to working on productions under expert guidance. The endorsements are custom-designed by each of the vertical heads. The event is conceptualised to be a stepping-stone for the children to nurture and pursue their creative talent.

Another event that stood out for its generosity and spirit was Melange, a group art exhibition where over 20 established and emerging artists came together in aid of the Indian Society for Performers and Teachers of Dance (ISPTD). The Society offers underprivileged children an opportunity to train in dance, thus taking them one step further towards realising their dreams. The artists who have contributed an artwork each to this worthy cause include Bheemaraya Devikeri, Mahesh Pattar, Ruchika Motwani, Shibu Arakkal, Triveni Vinod, Konda Srinivasa Rao, Vivek Rao, Dnyati Wagh, Neena Vaishampayan, Swati Pasari, Elena-Renee Pereira, Sonu Mulchandani, Milind Nayak, Sujata Sah Sejekan, S.A.Vimalanathan, Pragya Jain and Bhavana, among others.

Sublime strives to showcase works that reflect innovation. The Exhibition ‘Genesis’ by avid filmmaker and artist Simran K.S. Lamba, revealed the conceptualisation and assimilation of a new medium – ‘Coal Tar’. Sonu Mulchandani’s ‘The Voyage’ was a rare collection of maps and memorabilia that resonates the Gallery’s commitment to promoting creativity. One of the most recently concluded exhibitions ‘The Reflective’ by Elena Pereira was a spectacular amalgamation of a multitude of materials, ranging from flowers to metal.

Art Bengaluru, has grown over the last 4 years to become one of the biggest art festivals of South India. A joint initiative by Art Chutney and Sublime Galleria ( ), Art Bengaluru brings together art of all forms every year. This year’s event was noted for the Galleries featured, ‘Berserk,’ the Luxury Art Auction, and the artsy atmosphere it set across Bengaluru.

Without the support of the art community and the diversity Bengaluru enjoys, Sublime believes its efforts to promote art would not have materialised. Sublime will continue in its endeavour and would love for all of you to support its initiatives for the fine arts.

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