Southern Gospel Magazine and Gospel Hour Radio Partner in a Marketing Agreement to Further Expand the Radio Station's Placement in the Christian World of Music

Raleigh, NC, September 22, 2013 --( Gospel Hour Radio's format is Southern Gospel, Christian Country, Contemporary genres as well as programming for inspirational shows. On September 19, 2013 it was already #1 station in their genre.

Gospel Hour Radio has come from very humble beginnings. Gospel Hour Radio was started out of a small three bedroom trailer in East Branch, NY in 2009 by Rev. Andrew Baker. Andrew first started broadcasting a one hour program once a week on Ustream to help promote independent artist like himself. Loyal listeners cried for more, so it turned into a two hour broadcast nightly. Andrews little broadcast was about to go to heights he never expected. Independent and major label artists from all around the country started sending CD's, Andrew switched from Ustream to broadcasting the Gospel Of Jesus Christ on Live 365 24/7 and eventually was broadcasting to over 130 countries. Rev. Baker made many connections and one of those connections was with Gaither's Home Coming Radio and was granted permission to re-broadcast their programming.

Due to health issues in 2011 Rev. Baker unfortunately had to take Gospel Hour Radio off the air to deal with the issues he was facing. Recently Rev. Baker heard God's calling to start Gospel Hour Radio up again, so he dusted himself off and answered the call. While getting the station back up and getting it off the ground Rev. Baker got a message from Brian Mace an artist he had played in the past. Brian asked Rev. Baker if he could do an hour show on the station, and Rev. Baker agreed. That night Rev. Baker heard the voice of God speak to him and say, "Make Brian your right hand man." Rev. Baker called Brian the next morning and asked Brian to be the executive director of the station. Brian excepted without hesitation. Rev. Baker knew it was God working to bring these two together as a team. Rev. Baker works out of his office in Long Eddy, NY and Brian works out of his office in Eldon MO. almost two worlds apart but bringing the Gospel Of Jesus Christ to the masses.

The listening audience may enjoy this station at the following link:

Southern Gospel Magazine is honored to be a part of this exciting team and helping to bring artists and the station together. As well as to increase their listening audience all over the world.
Southern Gospel Magazine
Ruthie Brewer