Tandiland East Holding Launches the Feature Film "Six in One" on Kickstarter

Filmmaker Tanya M. Dixon and Tandimonium Films (a subsidiary of Tandiland East Holding) launch the Kickstarter campaign for the suspense/thriller feature film "Six in One" to raise 100K in 40 days.

McDonough, GA, September 23, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Tanya Dixon is craftily spinning a web of suspense and action to capture audiences across the country and internationally as writer and director of the feature film “Six in One”. To assist with her master plan to captivate audiences, Tanya is turning to Kickstarter to raise $100k in 40 days.

On Monday, September 16, 2013 Tanya will appeal to audiences worldwide to be instrumental in the production of a dream come true. Tanya is striving to produce her suspense/thriller called “Six in One”, which has been on hold since the first draft was written in 2004. After her services company, Tandi Productions, kept her engulfed in client projects for the next 4 years, Tanya began to develop her project in early 2009 when tragedy struck. For the second time in a 3-year period Tanya’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. After relocating to Las Vegas, NV and seeing her mother through treatments, Tanya found out that her sister had esophageal cancer. With the intense amount of stress in such a short time frame, Tanya had a stroke in her right eye on New Year’s Day 2011. This could have been career altering for her, but she made the decision to move forward as a producer of projects in lieu of being a director or writer. Tanya’s vision eventually returned, but she lost her sister and only sibling. Through this devastating time, Tanya took from it the strength she was shown from her sister. “If my sister can encourage me to fulfill my dream at her worst point, I can encourage myself to make this movie!” Tanya recalls. Now ready to move forward, “Six In One” is more than just a movie. It is a testament that every obstacle can be overcome and any dream, although deferred, can become a reality.

There are several themed contribution levels for the “Six in One” Kickstarter campaign that range from $1 to $10,000. So whether the “Pandora’s Box” package is your cup of tea, or you’d prefer the “Lie, Lie, Lie…and then Deny” package, supporters will be able to contribute and follow the film project from concept to reality at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sixinone/six-in-one.

About Six in One:

“Six in One” is a suspense/thriller film that asks the question, “Is it loyalty…or is it deception?” The story is about an attorney who in trying to avenge the death of her friend and employer. She uncovers deceptions that lead her and her five girlfriends on a trail of murder and betrayal that almost cost them their friendships and their lives. Website: www.sixinonemovie.com

About Tandimonium Films and Tanya Dixon:

Tanya Dixon, an entertainment industry veteran with over 25 years of experience in print, radio, television, video and film, is the CEO of Tandimonium Films (a subsidiary of Tandiland East Holding). She launched the "Tandi" brand in 1992 with Tandi Productions and her first television production "Reel Life". "Reel Life" was followed by the video/magazine show "Sounds of Soul" in 1993. In time her vision and talent led her to win 9 television awards for her television shows. Tanya launched the services division of Tandi Productions in 2000 and has produced many projects for clients including commercials, music videos and corporate promotional videos. Her latest project, "Six in One", will be Tanya's first full-length feature film and directorial debut. It will be filmed in Atlanta, Georgia where Tanya currently lives, works and plays.
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