& Carl Proujan Editorial Services Announce the Release of Terrorist Thriller eBook, "The Madness Analog"

Carl Proujan's new eBook, The Madness Analog follows an Israeli special agent in pursuit of al-Qaeda bio-terrorists bent on destroying America from the inside.

Sarasota, FL, September 23, 2013 --( "The Madness Analog" (Kindle edition, Sept. 16, 2013), recently published through Proujan Editorial Services and written by Carl Proujan, is a fast-paced nail-biter that starts at a fevered pitch and never lets up. From a chaotic police precinct in New York City's Washington Heights district, to an exchange of gunfire along the River Seine on a Paris evening, "The Madness Analog" spans the globe while keeping the reader breathless.

Author Carl Proujan (find him on Twitter: @AuthorProujan) has weaved a stunningly rich and detailed ebook for our troubled times. It is a book that dares to ask the question: What if ...?

- What if our worst global terrorism fears were real?
- What if our ultimate destruction came not from without, but from within?
- What if only one man could prevent the greatest human catastrophe since 9/11?
- What if it was all happening now?

This original ebook introduces a new protagonist, Special Agent to the FBI, Matt David. He is a man of dual citizenry (Israel & America) and an agent of Mossad on a singular mission to dampen the flames of ancient fires that burn on today and fed by centuries-old hatred, mistrust and bloody religious differences.

But, first, he must save millions of innocents from elusive bio-terrorists in our midst - before it's too late.

"The Madness Analog" is currently available exclusively through The author, Carl Proujan, is available for interviews.

About The Author
Carl Proujan is renown in the educational publishing industry (Scholastic Inc., National Geographic, Triumph Learning, Pearson, etc.) and is the author of the internationally-recognized "Secrets of the Sea."

He served his country during wartime as an Army medic, worked as a merchant seaman and has created and written award-winning audio visual materials. Carl Proujan has visited all the world's continents (except for Australia) and has even stepped foot upon the South Pole.

Carl Proujan presently resides in Florida.
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