New Healthcare Overhead Cost Cutting Document Management Software Released

Fenton, MO, September 23, 2013 --( BetterChart, a DISC Corporation solution offering an economically viable option guaranteeing consistent delivery of clinical data from paper and fax sources to electronic patient charts, has today announced the unveiling of the new BetterChart 2.0 will take place during the hosting of a webinar scheduled for Thursday, October 3 at 10:30 a.m. CST.

During this one hour webinar, participants will hear how Washington University School of Medicine uses the new and improved BetterChart on a daily basis to:

Reduce the time to get documents into their EHR
Keep document management overhead costs low
Stay flexible to allow for additional volume at any time

“We’ll have WUSM on the line sharing their story and available to answer any of your questions,” says KC Frank, EVP, DISC Corporation.

“This is one webinar event that you won’t want to miss, because you’ll be missing an opportunity to hear how your peers are making their lives easier with the latest version of BetterChart 2.0,” adds Frank.

According to the DISC Corporation spokesperson, the BetterChart 2.0 program was designed to simplify such mundane tasks as:

Matching all documents to the correct patient
Indexing them by document type, such as lab result, correspondence, progress note, etc.
Capturing other relevant data such as date of service, lab result, etc….
Tasking the document to another user of the EHR for further review and/or sign-off

“All your staff has to do each day is simply pile up the paper and scan the documents into a batch. That’s it! BetterChart does the rest!” assures Frank, who adds their approach is flexible to clients’ needs.

Scanned documents, for example, do not need to be sorted, and depending on the size of one’s organization, can now be uploaded directly to client’s system or processed daily. Frank says too that faxed documents also can be routed directly to them for processing.

“Turnaround time from scanned image to data import into the EHR is 24 hours from receipt,” adds Frank, who strives to deliver the value clients expect in an outsourcing solution.

Among the value that clients have come to expect from DISC Corporation include the following:
- Quality: Through multiple quality controls and the most reliable technology tools, you can expect high-quality document classification and data capture through BetterChart. DISC employs rigorous safeguards to protect patient information.
- Consistency and cost-efficiency: Streamlining your document conversion and medical record indexing process through BetterChart ensures the timely, consistent delivery of patient data to the EHR across your organization and can produce significant operational cost savings.
- Experience: With 55 years of experience, DISC is a leading innovator in the document management industry. Their long-term partnerships with leading EHR providers, including Allscripts, eClinicalWorks and others also ensure they are up to date on the latest EHR software changes.

“If you don’t want medical record indexing to be a burden any longer, I advise you trust the BetterChart solution to manage your medical documents, as healthcare data management needs evolve,” says Frank, who has designed BetterChart 2.0 to provide clients the automation they need to efficiently add more providers, support more people in their community, and ultimately improve the bottom line.

According to Frank, DISC Corporation has, over the past 55 years, contributed significantly to the bottom line of their clients by providing solutions that help them to eliminate costly and outdated paper business processes and filing systems. “What this does it help our clients free-up valuable square footage with paperless solutions,” says the spokesperson, who points to their providing a wealth of services to healthcare organizations, including document imaging, conversion services, and document classification and indexing, as well as products such as document management, OCR and data capture.

For further information about the new BetterChart 2.0, please visit the following website:
DISC Corporation
KC Frank