Kyiv Watch Factory Signs U.S. Distribution Agreement

Ukraine's boutique watch maker to begin selling wristwatches in North America.

Kyiv, Ukraine, September 23, 2013 --( The Kyiv Watch Factory has signed a distribution agreement that will enable consumers in the United States to purchase high-quality Ukrainian-made Kleynod watches.

Kyiv Watch Factory Director Alexey Zolotarov said that the company signed an agreement with an American firm, Kleynod USA, LLC, which will make Kleynod watches available in the USA in time for the December holiday gift-buying season.

“We are very pleased to have a new partner in the United States, and look forward to introducing Kleynod to a large new market,” Zolotarov said.

Though most Kleynod watches are sold in Ukraine, Russia, and Poland, as well as several European countries, this is the company’s first entry to the North American market, Zolotarov said.

Zolotarov and Scott H. Lewis, managing member of Kleynod USA, LLC, signed the agreement in Kyiv on September 20. Watches needed to fulfill the initial order are being manufactured.

“Kleynod watches are different from the mass-produced watches that Americans usually see,” Lewis said. “The styling and design are distinctive and attractive, and because they have not been available on the U.S. market before, they are rare. This all makes a Kleynod watch a great gift and a beautiful timepiece.”

“Rarity and scarcity are attractive qualities,” Lewis said. “Just as wine connoisseurs look for great vintages from small vineyards that produce limited quantities, watch enthusiasts will be eager to add Kleynod to their collections. The Kyiv Watch Factory produces relatively few watches compared to well-known brands like Seiko or Timex, and that only adds to their market appeal.”

Lewis said that the watches would initially be sold through and orders fulfilled by the web store, and should be on sale in time for the Christmas gift-buying season. About 10 of the most popular Kleynod quartz and automatic models for men and women will be made available this year, but Lewis said the product range would expand as sales warrant.

About Kyiv Watch Factory
The Kyiv Watch Factory has produced Kleynod-brand wristwatches since 2002. The Kleynod name has special significance in Ukrainian culture, as the kleynod was the ancient symbol of the hetman’s authority, giving ownership of a Kleynod watch historical importance.

Kleynod watches are designed and crafted in Ukraine, and feature a distinctive Ukrainian style unavailable elsewhere. The watches incorporate Swiss movements from Ronda, ETA and Valanvron 24. The company has produced more than 150 models for men and women, including the fashionable Kleynod Gold line and specialized commemorative, corporate and souvenir watches. For more information: and

About Kleynod USA, LLC
Kleynod USA is a limited liability company registered in the state of Wyoming. Its sole business is the marketing and exclusive distribution of Kleynod-brand watches in the United States and Canada under license from the Kyiv Watch Factory. For more information:
Kleynod USA, LLC
Scott H. Lewis