Author Frederick Fichman Now on Apple iBooks

Author Frederick Fichman has just opened his library of books for purchase on the Apple iBook Store.

Maricopa, AZ, September 23, 2013 --( Just Released, Author Frederick Fichman has now established his books for sale on the Apple iBook Store. These books are available for purchase on any Apple iTouch, iPhone, iPad or Apple Computer.

There are eight titles now listed in iBooks. They include the following: science fiction novels “SETI,” “SETI, The Journey,” crime-mystery novels “Butcher Boat,” and “Road Kill.” Also included and newly listed are the following travel books: “Texas-Southeast Coast,” “Texas-Hill Country,” “Nevada-California Border,” and “Colorado-Garden of the Gods.”

This new distribution of author Fichman’s books joins the list of book websites that sell his work. His books are also listed for sale on Amazon Kindle, BarnesandNoble Nook, and Kobo Books. In the coming months the popular 12-book non-fiction series for children and young adults, “Visit the Zoo” will also be put up for sale on iBooks. “Visit-the-Zoo” will include information and photos on over 120 zoo animals. With descriptive detail it has been praised in a recent book review from the international trade organization headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, World Association of Zoos and Aquarium. The soon-to-be-released books on iBooks will include increased interactivity, video and audio segments. All of the volumes are written in an easy to understand conversational language that children, young adults or even adults will enjoy reading. The pace of the presentation is concise and moves the reader along quickly through the enclosures, paddocks and displays of the zoo.

Also set for release on iBooks, including audio and video segments, will be the travel book “Grand Canyon” which is a comprehensive guide to popular South Rim Trail. This book includes detailed information on hiking, accommodations and dining at the Grand Canyon, visited by over 5 million people per year from around the world.

The inclusion of author Frederick Fichman’s books on Apple’s iBooks provides an opportunity to purchase his books on these major electronic book stores from any location on the planet. It is an exciting development with an ever expanding library of books to come from Frederick Fichman. For more information on Frederick Fichman visit his official author website at
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