Free and Easy Traveler Launches New Website

Canada's premier adventure travel company, Free & Easy Traveler, has just launched their new website and it offers an impressive diversity of trips to choose from with surprising ease.

Calgary, Canada, September 25, 2013 --( Now running core adventures to 13 countries from South America to Europe to Asia that can be combined to form 150 different epic adventures ranging from 10 to 140 days long, the new website was much needed to help prospective travellers create the trip that is right for them.

"When we first started out we only ran trips to a few places," Free & Easy founder Curtis Smith explains, "but we just kept growing to the point where we realized that we didn't want to stop traveling to new places, so the new website really gives us an almost infinite potential for more adventures."

Being able to filter the trips by length, date, destination and price makes for a simple way to put together a dream trip that fits within your schedule and budget. Showing off their yoga trips to Nicaragua and Thailand, as well as their ski trips to Japan, Free & Easy gives a wealth of different trips and experiences to mix and match to help you realize your ideal getaway.

The new website also allows people to learn more about the countries that they can travel to, with specific pages dedicated to showcasing what each one offers. An 'Epic Experiences' section under each adventure also puts on display the array of activities on each trip with images and in-depth descriptions. Free & Easy's collection of high-quality travel videos are also on full display, creating a cinematic look into every core adventure.

"Our videos are definitely one of the most engaging and interesting ways to see what our trips are all about," Smith says. "It's great we can have them be prominent on the new website, because we had a ton of fun making them and we want everyone to be able to enjoy them and imagine themselves doing some of these things."

About Free & Easy Traveler:
Free & Easy Traveler is a network of friends and family that have connected with one another through a love of travel to create and promote a company that provides life-changing travel experiences for people all around the world.

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