MMC Depot Now One of the Leading Denver Companies for Quality Medical Storage Containers

Denver, CO, September 25, 2013 --( Denver-based MMC Depot has announced that the organization has added to their extensive range of medical marijuana storage containers. The company’s exceptional catalogue now includes several new items from manufacturers Oxo-Zip® and Cannaline™.

Across the US, manufacturers are trying to create environmentally-friendly products that are designed to have a reduced impact on the Earth compared with manufacturing of the past. Society’s drive to reward companies who create products that are less harmful to the environment is gaining ever more momentum and manufacturers who are increasingly conscious of their impact on the eco system are reaping the rewards in customer loyalty. Distributors such as MMC Depot continue to maintain a sharper focus on the demands of their core buyers – both end users and dispensaries. And it’s for this reason that the company is now offering MMJ dispensaries across the country access to the new Oxo-Zip® Oxo-Biodegradable Re-closable Bags.

The Oxo-Zip® Oxo-Biodegradable Re-closable Bags represent an evolution in the manufacturing of medical marijuana storage containers. These products have been designed to offer secure storage for small amounts of medical marijuana within an exceptional bio-degradable construction. One of the reasons that so many environmentally-conscious consumers are now purchasing the Oxo-Zip® Oxo-Biodegradable Re-closable Bags is that, once they’re exposed to UV and oxygen they degrade in terms of their molecular weight. They will provide valuable long-term usage to consumers and won’t take up landfill space when they’re no longer in-use. It’s the type of product most eco-friendly medical marijuana users can embrace.

To learn more about the latest medical marijuana containers now being offered by Denver-based MMC Depot, please visit the company’s web site at Visitors will find the company’s complete range of grow bags, plant pots, medicinal marijuana containers for display or personal use.
MMC Depot
Dovid Zussman