Cannabis Packaging Such as Tincture Bottles Help Provide Element of Safe Administration of Medical Marijuana Says MMC Depot

The recently passed Texas bill to legalize the limited use of marijuana extracts for severe forms of epilepsy in one of the most conservative states in the US represents a step forward in mainstream acceptance for the cannabis industry, especially were safe administration of medicine in packaging... - August 20, 2015

Packaging Company MMC Depot Carries Discreet and Professional Medical Marijuana Packaging Products

Denver-based marijuana packaging company MMC Depot offers discrete and professional medical marijuana packaging products for those in the business of processing and packaging medical marijuana. Despite public misconceptions, the average age of a medical marijuana patient is 45 years old. Given this... - June 20, 2015

Prepare for Food Safety Regulations of Cannabis-Based Tinctures with Amber Glass Bottles from MMC Depot and Extended Education

Denver-based marijuana packaging company MMC Depot is emphasizing the importance of preparing for packaging food safety regulations on cannabis-based tinctures with their amber glass bottles. For those involved in the manufacture of cannabis-based tinctures and extracts, these bottles are the best... - May 21, 2015

Make Your Dispensary Stand Out with Cannaline Re-Writable Glass Stash Jars from Marijuana Packaging Company MMC Depot

Denver-based marijuana packaging company MMC Depot is offering their new line of re-writable cannaline glass stash jars for those who want quality marijuana containers that meet current regulations. With plenty of flexibility in terms of design and many favorable reviews, these are an investment... - April 19, 2015

Leading Supplier of Marijuana Storage Containers, MMC Depot, Recommends Grow Bags as the Ideal Option for Cultivating Marijuana

As an established packaging supply business, MMC Depot has developed a reputation as the go-to source for medical marijuana containers, but what many individuals don’t know is that MMC Depot has other packaging solutions for cannabis products. - March 20, 2015

Marijuana Packaging Company, MMC Depot Supports the Growing Trend of Edibles in the Recreational and Medical Marijuana Industries with Child-Safe MMJ Containers

According to a recent report by state government, “there is a slow but steady shift away from traditional methods of consuming marijuana – smoking it – to new delivery methods.” Supporting that trend, MMC Depot, a marijuana packaging company with experience in packaging that... - February 20, 2015

MMC Depot Recommends Choosing Marijuana Packaging That Complies with the Expanding Legality of Recreational Marijuana Sale Regulations

In the past two years, the legalization of marijuana has expanded beyond Colorado and Washington to Washington DC, Oregon, and Alaska. With this expansion comes new packaging needs and regulations across each state which is why MMC Depot, a marijuana packaging company is constantly reading up on... - January 17, 2015

MMC Depot Stresses the Importance of Considering Form and Function When Selecting Medical Marijuana Containers and Packaging

Denver-based medical marijuana container supplier MMC Depot is stressing the importance of form and function when customers choose the best containers and packaging for their marijuana products. The type of MMJ product that customers use determines the most effective container, and knowing what is... - December 18, 2014

MMC Depot Encourages Dispensaries to Go Beyond State Regulations Concerning Childproof Containers

When it comes to drugs of any kind, whether alcohol, tobacco, or even caffeine, it is important for the companies distributing these products to take safety precautions to ensure that they do not accidentally fall into the wrong hands. Currently states like Colorado or Washington have strong... - November 21, 2014

Packaging Company, MMC Depot, Warns Only Way to Tell Difference Between Regular Candies and Marijuana-Laced Candies This Halloween is the Child Safe Packaging

MMC Depot, a marijuana packaging company with decades of experience in quality packaging for foodstuff, warns that there is only one thing that marks the visual difference for the casual observer between the gummy bears, chocolate and suckers infused with medical marijuana and the candy given out... - October 26, 2014

MMC Depot Introduces Dispensaries to the Ultimate Childproof Containers for All Ages

With cannabis consumption across the nation ever evolving, one thing is for certain: laws governing it in states such as Colorado are only going to get more stringent, especially when it comes to child safety and tamper resistant packaging. Current requirements state that all child-proof containers... - October 18, 2014

Packaging Company, MMC Depot Offers the Largest Selection of Child Resistant Containers to Dispensaries Across the United States

Colorado and Washington became the first two states in America to legalize marijuana, and more than 20 other states have followed with varying degrees of marijuana distribution since then. - October 18, 2014

MMC Depot Expands Line of Packaging Products to Encompass Ever Growing Cannabis Product Expansion

As more and more states make marijuana legally available for sale, there are a corresponding variety of state regulations pertaining to the medical storage containers being used to store and transport such products. Of course these laws are not just so that certain state regulations are met –... - May 19, 2014

MMC Depot Announces New Customization Feature Available on Dispensary Products

MMC Depot is a subsidiary of Central Bag; a family owned and operated packaging company in Denver since 1914. The Denver Company has always been known for its quality and diverse products, efficiency and excellent customer service. Now branching into a wide range of medicinal marijuana packaging... - December 08, 2013

MMC Depot Now One of the Leading Denver Companies for Quality Medical Storage Containers

Denver-based MMC Depot has announced that the organization has added to their extensive range of medical marijuana storage containers. The company’s exceptional catalogue now includes several new items from manufacturers Oxo-Zip® and Cannaline™. Across the US, manufacturers are... - September 25, 2013

MMC Depot Expands Selection of Glass Containers for Seattle MMJ Dispensaries

MMC Depot, one of the US’s leading organizations for high quality medical marijuana storage products, has announced that they’ve recently added to their inventory of glass containers. The company’s latest updated catalogue of glass containers will help Seattle-area dispensaries... - July 27, 2013

Phoenix MMJ Dispensaries Offered Best-In-Class Value Through MMC Depot’s New Line of Stackable Glass Containers

Leading US supplier of medical marijuana containers, MMC Depot has recently announced the addition of several new items to their wide-ranging company catalogue. The company’s new selection of glass containers ensures Phoenix dispensaries can continue to meet the evolving requirements of... - July 27, 2013

Phoenix MMJ Dispensaries Can Now Access High Caliber Medical Containers Through MMC Depot

MMC Depot, a leading US wholesaler for packaging solutions, has announced the addition of several new medical marijuana containers to the organization’s wide-ranging product line. The company’s selection of leading quality containers now includes the CoolJarz™ Sealz™... - June 30, 2013

MMC Depot Offering CoolJarz™ Bowlz™ Medical Containers to Seattle MMJ Dispensaries

One of the leading packaging products wholesalers in the US, MMC Depot has announced they’re now offering several new medical marijuana containers to dispensaries in the Seattle area. The company’s new selection of containers includes CoolJarz™ Bowlz™ along with many other leading industry products. - June 30, 2013

MMC Depot Offering Seattle MMJ Dispensaries Cost-Effective Wholesale Pricing on Glass Jars for MMJ

Seattle supplier for medical marijuana packaging, MMC Depot is now offering MMJ dispensaries wholesale pricing on high-quality glass jars from some of the market’s top manufacturers. The company’s new Cannaline™ glass jars will provide Seattle MMJ dispensaries with a product that... - June 02, 2013

MMC Depot Now Offering 420 Jars from Cannaline™ for High-end MMJ Storage

Leading supplier of high quality packaging products, MMC Depot has announced that the company is now offering distinct 420 jars from renowned manufacturer Cannaline™. These new additions to the company broad inventory of quality MMJ dispensary storage products are designed to offer a superior... - April 27, 2013

MMC Depot Presenting Medical Marijuana Dispensaries with Great Range of Highly Durable Pop Tops

MMC Depot, a leading wholesale supplier of packaging products to MMJ dispensaries, is now offering a new range of storage products for air-tight storage of medical marijuana. The company’s recent catalogue updates include the exceptionally popular CoolJarz™ Flipz™ pop tops, which... - February 28, 2013

MMC Depot Introduce Cost Effective Concentrate Containers for Dispensaries in Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs

Denver-based packaging supplier, MMC Depot, has recently announced that the organization is offering Medicinal Marijuana dispensary clients in Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs access to a new range of cost-effective concentrate containers. The company’s new selection of containers will... - January 23, 2013

Denver Packaging Specialists Introduce New Medical Marijuana Containers to Company Catalogue

Top Denver, CO experts for medical marijuana containers, MMC Depot has recently announced that the company has added to its selection of packing products designed for the medicinal marijuana dispensary industry. The company’s new selection of grow bags and product containers are designed to... - October 28, 2012

Denver Based MMC Depot Introduce New Glass Jars for Medical Marijuana Dispensary Industry

Leading Denver based packaging specialists MMC Depot have recently announced that the company has made several new additions to the selection of glass jars within their large selection available to the medical marijuana industry for displaying product in Colorado dispensaries. The Denver... - September 27, 2012

Denver Based MMC Depot Adds New Grow Bags to Industry Leading Catalogue

Leading Denver based medical marijuana dispensary packaging supplier MMC depot has recently announced that the company has introduced several new products to their broad-ranging line of grow bags for the medicinal marijuana growing facilities and dispensaries in Colorado. One of the Denver MMJ... - September 27, 2012

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