New Device Helps Train Parrots to Stop Screaming

A new training device finally solves the problem of pet parrot screaming.

Los Angeles, CA, September 25, 2013 --( is proud to announce the release of it’s Deluxe Stop Screaming Kit designed to stop parrots from screaming for attention. Parrot owners around the world are constantly seeking help and advice on how to stop their birds from squawking or screaming for attention, and in the past the best answers were things like “ignore the bird and it’ll stop eventually,” “use earplugs,” “spray the bird with water from a squirt bottle” etc. but none of these ideas actually solved the problem quickly and efficiently.

Thanks to the new Deluxe Stop Screaming Kit from, parrot owners can train their birds not to scream for attention in as little as 3 days using harmless light. The Kit includes a powerful mini-strobe light and a wireless remote control switch that can activate the strobe light up to 60 feet away through walls and floors. The device is simple to operate; whenever the bird starts to scream for attention (note that it is important to make sure the bird is not screaming due to pain, danger, or lack of food/water) the owner can simple press the On button on the remote control and the bird will be instantly distracted and mildly punished by a burst of rapidly flashing light for a few seconds. This simple technique has helped hundreds of birds from as young as 1 year old all the way up to 65 years old. Old birds Can learn new tricks. While some individual birds are more stubborn than others, the device works on all major families including cockatoos, macaws, african grays, amazons, and conures among many others.

The Deluxe Stop Screaming Kit currently sells for $49 including Free 2-day shipping in 48 states.
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