Lufft Presents the Smartphone of Measuring Devices: The Xa1000

Fellbach, Germany, September 26, 2013 --( G. Lufft GmbH, manufacturer of quality measurement and control devices for more than a century, presents its latest development in the field of measurement technology. The handheld XA1000 device is the first of what is expected to be a long series of highly developed instruments in a series named X(pert) A(dvanced). This "smartphone" of measuring technology not only meets all the technical requirements you would expect for this kind of device, but also the most advanced requirements in product design, usability, and features. The XA1000 has a color display, touch screen function and intelligent sensors will be available starting in October 2013 from Lufft distributors around the world and from the website devoted to the XA1000:

"For us, the development of the XA1000 represents a completely new operating system," explains Klaus Hirzel, Lufft CEO. "We have all become comfortable with hand-held devices with the day-to-day use of tablets and smartphones. We wanted to take this convenience and bring it to the world of industrial electronics by developing what we like to call the first 'smartphone' measurement device."

The XA1000 represents a revolutionary development in the market for handheld instruments. The innovative XA1000 is the result of hundreds of days of hard work by our development team, who have rethought everything from the basic design to the programming of the device. The goal was to construct a device that is lightweight and compact, easy to hold in one's hand with an appealing design, while still delivering the same kind of precise measurements for which Lufft has become famous. The result is the most advanced of all generations of Lufft devices. The XA1000 weighs only 205 grams and is 170 millimeters long. Its functionality goes far beyond normal working conditions. Even in extreme weather conditions from -20 degrees C to +60 degrees C and at heights of 4,000 meters above sea level, the handheld instrument still provides accurate results. The robust color display with touch-screen function is made of tempered glass and is scratch-resistant and can be used in sunlight. The rubberized sides of the device give the user a stable and steady grip in the hand.

The XA1000 uses integrated pressure sensors and eight other intelligent sensors to measure various environmental data such as temperature, humidity, pressure, carbon dioxide levels and air flow. If one of the SDI sensors is connected to the handheld device, the device automatically detects the new sensor and immediately begins taking measurements. This all-round device can also calculate and display physical parameters such as dew point, wet bulb temperature and enthalpy directly as it takes the measurements. A direct evaluation of the first series of measurements is possible on-site within just a few seconds. These can be displayed as a table or graphically with line charts. The included SmartGraph3 software manages and archives the measured data and measurements for a more professional analysis on a computer.

When the Lufft team was developing the XA1000, they took into account the requirements of as many sectors as they could imagine and designed the applications to be as flexible as possible. Thus, this all-rounder is suitable for taking measurements in the plumbing and HVAC sectors and sampling and reference measurements in the construction and building services sectors. The device is also well suited for taking qualitative measurements in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

The XA1000 is supplied with a practical carrying case and includes a protective film for the device, batteries, a USB cable interface between XA1000 and a computer, the SmartGraph3 software and a user manual. The various sensors are available separately.

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