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Ozeal Glasses Offers Free Arsozeal Glasses for Ozil Fans

Ozeal glasses gives great discount to the customers with free Arsozeal glasses.

New York, NY, September 27, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Ozeal glasses has steadily carved a niche for itself as a leading provider of eyeglasses and accompanying accessories. What is unique is the manner in which the company fuses fun, functionality and class in their accessories. For Ozeal, eyeglass frames are not just about the functionality. This is definitely seen from their range of Mesut Ozil frames which have been availed for the lovers of Arsenal Football Club.

The high profile move of Mesut Ozil to Arsenal is definitely a celebrated event for all of the club’s fans. Ozeal takes the celebration a notch higher by availing cheap glasses frames which clearly communicates fans’ loyalty to the club. The frames come in a variety of styles which all shows allegiance to Arsenal’s red and white club colours. For those fans who wish to make a strong statement of their passion for the club, red glasses frames are available in unique styling. White too is an important colour by which the club is known and for this reason, there is a wide assortment of white glasses frames as well.

Needless to say, there are appealing cheap glasses frames found in a combination of these two colours for those fans spoilt for choice. All these frames are designed to match the colours splashed on the badge of Arsenal football club. Both male and female fans are bound to find a glasses frame that will aesthetically display their love for the club and its new signing.

Ozeal makes the Mesut Ozil celebration even more enticing for the lovers of this legendary football club. This is because there is a free package with amazing goodies that you stand the chance to win through a simple process. There are four packages dubbed the “Arsozeal packages” up for grabs every single day. The package contains a free pair of glasses which come with single vision correction lenses. There also is a pair of sunglass clips and another pair of Arsozeal novelty stick-on eyes in the package! All that you have to do is join the Facebook community of Ozeal glasses to get the free package.

No doubt there are several other fans of Arsenal angling to get a package through this platform too. This means that you have to increase your chances of ending up as one of the four daily lucky winners. Accomplishing this is fairly easy. By sharing the message of this Ozeal Facebook Ozil promotion with your friends, you increase your chances of winning. It definitely gets better if most of your friends on the Facebook social media platform are Arsenal lovers. They will definitely want to win this package too and so the promotion message will reach more fans.

Ozeal definitely brings a new way for football lovers to celebrate Arsenal’s new prodigy signing, Ozil. With a range of white eyeglass frames as well as red eyeglass frames, they will identify stylishly with the club.

Access this promotion on Ozeal’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/OzealGlasses?sk=app_261795270508252.
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