Unboxed Church Delivers New Website Using VineHosting.com and the Web Empowered Church Content Management System

UnboxedChurch is an emerging church located in Southern New Jersey. After opening just a few short weeks ago Pastor Glenn tasked a few members to try using the Free Content Management system from VineHosting and Web Empowered Church - The site went online in record time and is making a difference to the community Unboxed Church serves.

Mt. Ephraim, NJ, September 13, 2007 --(PR.com)-- UnboxedChurch.com , a new church plant in Southern New Jersey releases their new website based on the Free Content Management System from Web Empowered Church.

"This tool," states pastor Kelley, "has allowed us to reach a wider audience in the Southern New Jersey area. The Website allows people to explore our church without having to visit or step in the door."

Pastor Kelley describes church as "a place that is cool - a place to have fun, - a place where you can get real answers about life..." He continues to describe Unboxed stating "in approach, Unboxed's worship is neither "traditional" nor "contemporary" but ancient-future. Ancient-future liturgy speaks across generations and draws equally upon ancient (hymns, chant, candles, communion) and techno-modern (alt. rock, art, ambient, projection, video) sources, so there is no need to 'check your culture at the door.' So, come as you are, wear your jeans, show your body art, tote your java, and be @ home spiritually, with God, and among friends."

Unboxed meets on Saturday Evenings at 6PM. Visit the website for additional details.

Unboxed Church
Pastor Kelley