100% Merino Ull That’s Itch Free and Soft to Touch Now on Sale at Ullungan.no

The ultra soft woolen material responds to the wearer’s body temperature. Thus it makes children feel comfortable when it is cold and makes them feel warm when it is hot outside.

Klofta, Norway, September 27, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Merino Ull is known around the world for its low allergy risks. Unlike other wool types, Merino Ull changes according to the changes in the wearer's body temperature. Thus, wearers feel comfortable and itch free. Norwegian based online retailers of ull dresses www.ullungan.no , now offers 100% merino ull based clothes for babies and children.

"At Ullungan.no, we offer everyday clothes made from ull for barn. Users can choose from a wide range of clothes including trousers, onesies, sweaters, mittens, beanies, and many more," says a spokesperson for the online retailer.

The clothes come with an extra reinforcement for knees and elbows. They're comfortable and come in a wide range of colors; and hence suitable to be worn even for school and parks. The best thing about the wool is that it is stretchable, and hence grows with the kid. Unlike other materials, users get value for their money as children do not outgrow these clothes soon.

"Ull baby clothes and ull for barn available at ullugan.no are completely machine washable- they do not become rough or lose shine even after repeated washes," adds the spokesperson. Woolen clothes purchased for this season last for the next season as well.

The best thing about Merino wool is that they form a micro climate of their own. This is because the wool obtained from the merino sheep is adapted to protect the sheep from the rugged climate of its surroundings. This wool is extremely fine when compared to other types of wool and feels extremely comfortable against the skin. This makes it a preferred ull for barn.

About Ullungan:
Ullungan is a Norwegian based online retail store that sells woolen clothes for babies and children. The clothes are made from 100% merino wool and are extremely soft to touch and durable.

To know more, visit, http://ullungan.no
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Marielle Nystad Hansen