Krystal™ Writing Boards Now Offer Customizable Glass Dry Erase Board Options

Holbrook, NY, September 27, 2013 --( Long Island, NY-based specialists for high performance writing boards, Krystal™ Writing Boards have announced that they’re now offering their innovative solutions with a broad range of customization options. The company’s glass dry erase board systems are designed to enhance the branding appeal of their client’s products and improve sales figures by helping sales teams impress potential customers with their in-house promotional campaigns.

One of the primary objectives when beginning any new promotional campaign is to excite and engage a specific customer-base. By offering a new alternative to customers, companies can meet sales objectives and improve the ROI of their campaigns. But those using antiquated white boards as presentation tools might find that their products appear outdated alongside their equipment. This means that new solutions are required in order ensure a lasting branding appeal. And so Krystal™ Writing Boards are now offering their durable writing board solutions with an array of customization options.

The firm’s in-house design team can now construct their glass dry erase writing board products to meet specific promotional branding criteria. For example, firms with a new product about to be released into the market place can enhance their presentation environment by shaping the board in the style of their product. This ensures a seamless branding appeal that will invigorate audience members and drive sales figures within their campaigns. In addition to being able to change the traditional shape of the presentation tool, companies now also add unique branding elements to writing board. By selecting one of Krystal™ Writing Boards’ products, companies can work with professional designers to add their corporate logo to presentation areas. This is ideal for smaller organizations in the midst of a growth stage and in need of inventive marketing solutions.

By selecting their color, size and style of their board from Krystal™ Writing Boards, companies can ensure that their corporate branding outlasts the competition’s brand in the memory of presentation audience members. To learn more about these new customization services, please contact the Krystal™ Writing Boards team today or visit their business website at
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Charlie Baker