Launches Critical Illnesses Health Insurance launched its Critical Illness quote-engine today targeted at the Urban Indian exposed to lifestyle led illnesses.

Mumbai, India, September 13, 2007 --( India’s Premier Independent Insurance Shopping Portal – launched its Critical Illness quote-engine today targeted at the Urban Indian exposed to lifestyle led illnesses.

As per regular health reports, urban lifestyle – like late working hours, lack of physical activity/exercise and regular indulgence in junk food has resulted in 30% of the urban population being exposed to High Blood Pressure or Hypertension (BP). Known as the ‘silent killer’ BP is the single most significant factor causing serious illnesses like Heart Attack, Renal Failure, Strokes, and Paralysis.

Leading Health Experts have indicated that urban Indian families are gradually more exposed to the insecurity of the earning member falling prey to a critical illness than even death. A Critical Illness like Cancer, Heart Attack, Paralysis to the bread-winner can result in financial turmoil in the family with many ripples on family members, especially kids.

Dr. Girish Jain – a senior doctor at a leading hospital in Mumbai said “We are observing an increasing trend of people under 35 succumbing to such illnesses due to their unhealthy lifestyle, causing a roadblock on their future plans at work and home. According to me, Critical Illness is as important as a Life Insurance for today’s urban generation.”

Principal Officer– Bonsai Insurance Broking, Mr. Niraj Jain said “Customers often complained that their regular medical insurance does not cover the other financial costs that an Indian Family is exposed to besides costs like organ donor payments or costs of Wheel Chair. Critical Illness takes care of any such cost as it offers the insured (up to 65) immediate lump sum payment of the sum assured on diagnosis of the disease by an authorised doctor – no questions asked.”

The product Critical Illness presently sold by Bajaj Allianz, ICICI and Tata-AIG covers the insured from more than 8 illnesses like Paralysis, Heart Attack, Cancer, Stroke, Coma, Kidney Failure, Major Organ Transplant. The premium is also very economical - For a 30 year old for a 5 Lakh cover would cost close to Rs. 2500 annually.

Mr Mahavir Chopra - Director, said “seeing the recent health reports, we decided to stall launch of our bigger modules of Motor and Life Insurance on to launch the critical illness quote-engine – which according to us is a much needed cover for the growing and most important part the of Indian Population.”

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