Jungle Jumps Offers Tips for Understanding the Subtleties of Color for Your Inflatable Business

The color palette that you select for your inflatable business is just as important a decision as any of your business’ design.

Pacoima, CA, September 27, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Whether you are designing your web site, marketing collateral, or your business’ logo understanding some of the psychology behind color palettes and the feelings that each color can invoke can offer an important advantage, or disadvantage, to your commercial grade inflatable business.

The color palette that you select for your inflatable business is just as important a decision as any of your business’ design. When choosing the color palette for your commercial grade inflatable business, keep in mind that there are emotional connections to particular colors. We all know the idea of reds being a warmer, more inviting color and blues being a cooler, more distant color.

If your inflatable business already has some colors that are identifiable to the brand then you may want to stick with the existing color palette. However, if you are not committed to any one color scheme consider the following common associations with colors:

Blue – a favorite corporate color, associated with authority, security, intelligence and reliability, cool and soothing, regarded as a more masculine color

Green – associated with money, environment, wealth, health and loyalty, the color of peace and harmony

Red – associated with intensity, heat, passion, excitement and strength, commonly used to attract attention and importance, a color that “shouts”

Yellow – associated with happiness, excitement, energy and cheerfulness, another attention grabbing color, particularly when used in combination with red

Orange – associated with warmth, health, vibrancy and sunshine, creates a stimulating, vibrant and fun environment

Pink – associated with femininity, romance and health

White – associated with innocence, virtue, purity, cleanliness and safety

Black – associated with mystery, formality, power and elegance, best used as a background color to a bright or pastel color, when used as your logo typeface suggests authority, elegance, stability and power

Gray – associated with conservatism, depressing and moody feelings

Silver – associated with technology, cutting edge, richness and elegance

Brown – associated with nature and comfort

When designing your inflatable business’ image you will want to keep in mind the emotions that certain color invoke. In general, your bounce house business’ web site is the first touch of contact for potential customers. The design and color palette that you use on the web site can invoke certain feelings that can be beneficial for your business, giving you a leg up from the competition.
Jungle Jumps
Stephanie Baldwin