Jigbo Jigsaw Puzzles – Foundation of Mental Discipline and Logical Thought

A captivating new project of online jigsaw puzzles with unique and extraordinary illustrations and imagery.

Moscow, Russia, September 28, 2013 --(PR.com)-- A team of professional and creative flash programmers made this project possible. Jigbo is a web resource of jigsaw puzzles available to different ages and categories of players with a unique and original collection of pictures and photos. Established as a resource for leisure and recreational activities Jigbo has the goal to unify and bring together people sharing the same hobby and passion for puzzles and brain teasing games.

Taking into account that doing jigsaw puzzles develops several functions of the brain simultaneously like the abilities to reason, deduce, analyze, sequence, and develop logical thought the online logical games an important incentive to train and relax simultaneously our mind and thoughts. It is a way to expel our energy in a constructive and creative way.

The puzzles are offered in the following categories: animals, architecture, battle, fantasy, food and drinks, interior, landscape, monsters, objects, people, plants, robots, toys, transport, etc., and are characterized by a simple yet extremely captivating game play. Jigsaw puzzles represent a perfect distraction from our daily routine, a way to spend efficiently the time during our break at work or to relax before a good night sleep.

Another positive feature of solving jigsaw puzzles is the ability to set goals and follow the anticipated activities, to finish things that we have planned and enjoy the positive results. Jigbo offers the possibility to evolve and improve your ranking in solving puzzles, preparing a series of incentives for those who did their best. A healthy competition will eventually bring the best abilities in us and even in a recreational activity like jigsaw puzzles solving an intellectual race with your rivals is a great way to train your mind and character.

After putting a great deal of work and passion into this web resource they finally made it available to everyone. JIgbo is a new challenge for all those who have a passion for unique art and photography, as well as for children and adults that intend to train their memory and keep their logic and analytical capacity at highest level.
Jigbo Jigsaw Puzzles
Brenda Martin