The Pursuit of Fashion: Compelling New Novel Depicts Small-Town Girl’s Tumultuous Battle with Cut-Throat World of High Fashion

Written by Curtis Keith Simms, "The Pursuit of Fashion - Bon Bon, Couture & Vexatious Bitc#es" whisks readers from the serene quiet of Newfoundland to the high-stakes fashion arena of New York City. As one young girl tries to "make it" as a high fashion designer, will her career roadblocks, new friends and even the odd lover stand in the way of success?

Barrie, Canada, September 28, 2013 --( While it can afford a prestigious life of global travel, celebrity encounters and plenty of cash, making it in the world of high fashion design isn’t exactly a walk in the park. As a true ‘who you know’ industry, growing up in a small Canadian town with no connections in the business makes success seemingly impossible.

However, in a gripping new novel from Curtis Keith Simms, one small-town girl’s aggressive passion for high fashion design is put to the test to see if she can beat the odds and break into the industry she dreams of dominating. ‘The Pursuit of Fashion - Bon Bon, Couture & Vexatious Bitc#es’ shares her successes, failures, triumphs and defeats.


Bonita Smith is a young woman who has lived a segregated life growing up in a small rural town in Newfoundland, Canada. Her one dream throughout her whole childhood has been to escape the grips of the island and to embark upon an adventurous journey to New York City to pursue a career in high fashion design.

With her little knowledge of the real world and an ambition as big as the Pacific Ocean, she will encounter the red tape, stresses and disappointments that await her in the big city.

Battling the elements and cut throat corners of the fashion world. Join us in a young woman’s triumph over the good, the bad and the ugly while finding out the truths in life and discovering what’s important and what isn't.

As the author explains, his book is chock-full of suspense and dreams that will resonate with female readers of all backgrounds.

"Fashion design is one of those industry’s that, while so many people want to make it big, few ever will. However, from a female reader’s point of view, they’ll be able to recognize the difficulties that women face every day in a myriad of industries," says Simms.

Continuing, “Men will also appreciate it, too. It’s rare for men to read about the struggles many face trying to break into and maintain status within their chosen industry. I hope it gives them something to think about and perhaps even changes how they treat female colleagues in their own workplace.”

With a second book in the works, there’s plenty more to come from Simms.

In the meantime, ‘The Pursuit of Fashion - Bon Bon, Couture & Vexatious Bitc#es’s will be available on October 15th 2013 through all major retail platforms and through SmashWords where you can buy and download in any format to fit your devices or pc:

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About the Author:
Curtis Keith Simms is a Canadian Writer who is celebrating the release of his first novel. He is currently prepping for a late fall 2013 release of his second novel
Curtis Keith Simms