Online Point of Sale Software SpotSync Checkout Adds New Features to Dashboard and User Interface Screens

SpotSync Checkout Provides a Specific User Interface for Retail Stores, Restaurants and Quick Service Restaurants and a Comprehensive Dashboard to Give Business Owners Information-at-a-Glance

Laguna Hills, CA, September 29, 2013 --( SpotSync LLC, based in Laguna Hills, Calif., has announced that new features have been added to the comprehensive dashboard and user interface screens. SpotSync Checkout is a web-based point of sale software application that tracks sales, manages inventory and improves customer service by giving business owners insightful reports analyzing the buying habits, as well as the wants and needs, of existing customers.

SpotSync Checkout provides a unique user interface for the retail, quick service and restaurant industries, since each industry has different requirements. Retail, restaurant and quick service restaurant owners have the ability to choose the user interface geared for their industry by using the SpotSync Checkout Register settings. When the user selects a specific interface type, the interface throughout the entire SpotSync Checkout application will change. For instance, when a user in the retail industry selects Retail in the Register settings, he or she will only see fields and pages related to retail. This eliminates confusion when navigating through SpotSync Checkout.

One of the key differences between the Quick Service, Restaurant and Retail industries setup in SpotSync Checkout is the user interface where all sales are performed. For retail businesses, users are presented with a common retail interface where line items fill the screen horizontally; each action can be performed by using a keyboard shortcut; barcodes can be scanned (including scale-generated barcodes, where the price is included in the barcode); and more. For the Quick Service industry, users have the ability to design a menu with an unlimited amount of pages and buttons; items can be added to the invoice by simply clicking one of the buttons on the menu; new orders can be sent to a kitchen printer. Restaurants industry users can design their own touch-enabled menu through SpotSync Checkout and add the additional features of table seating, tips, split tickets and more.

One of the greatest benefits of an online point of sale system stems from the multi-faceted reporting capabilities, which are represented by the dashboard. Dashboards are used to monitor key performance indicators in real time and allow business owners to take immediate action. The SpotSync dashboard gives business owners a real-time, overall view of sales at each location, with graphs for the “Top Selling Items” and “Payment Methods”. The dashboard show sales dollars, tickets, average transaction amounts, profit margins, and more. Users can also view any recent notifications and get updated on all SpotSync news. The background for the home page is customizable and any image desired can be uploaded to build brand equity.
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