Behind the Scenes Look at Chicago's Fear City Haunted House Security and ADA Compliance

Taking stock of what is behind the scenes to keep visitors safe is often more important to the safe and efficient operation of any haunted attraction, especially Fear City Chicago in Morton Grove, IL.

Morton Grove, IL, October 17, 2013 --( Held to the strictest state of Illinois standards, Fear City Chicago Haunted House installed fire control and safety systems that meet all inspection standards. These systems and the people who operate the haunted house also follow protocols instituted by the state, county and village. “Whether it is Great America or our house, we are held to the same standards,” stated Chuck Grendys, one of Fear City’s owners and President of Big City Sets (a Chicago-based set building company for movies, television and commercials).

Another aspect that helps in safety is that the haunted house attraction is fully ADA compliant. So everyone could enjoy the venue, the design team at Fear City worked to make sure the attraction was accessible to those with physical challenges. “Anything you need, we are there to accommodate you,” said Casting Director Stephen Buckner.

Among the other areas that help make sure safety a key element is communication. Each room of the house can communicate with the management and security if there’s a problem to be addressed. The actors (all of whom attend a seminar conducted by the local Fire and Building Departments of the Village) are taught how to handle situations, know when and where to get help and find the fastest exit. In the event of an emergency, the show lights go out and the house lights come on illuminating all of the exits. The building has a fire control system with sprinklers in case of fire. Trained, licensed and bonded security is present at every performance.

“Running a successful haunted house is not just about giving people a good scare,” said Fear City Chicago Haunted House owner Chuck Grendys. Making sure people are safe is an important aspect in any business, especially where the public is concerned. Both Chuck Grendys and co-owner Jim Lichon (formerly of the Oprah Winfrey Show and Harpo Studios) are both dedicated to making certain the fear is fantasy. Jim Lichon said, “Our goal is to make sure you get the best scare of your life, then get home safely so they can return next year – the only zombies we want are the actors.”
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