The Public Servants Defense Agency Publishes Results of Its Law Enforcement National Survey on Career Protection

Wilmington, DE, October 02, 2013 --( In May 2013, The Public Servants Defense Agency (PSDA) surveyed active and retired law enforcement officers regarding their views on the issues they face in order to protect their career. The questionnaire also elicited feedback on their perceived vulnerability to administrative, civil, or criminal proceedings. The results of the survey were compiled by an independent firm. The findings have been published and are available for review on the publicly-accessible section of the PSDA website.

“PSDA was established to provide professional liability and other insurance benefits to those valuable public servants that protect us,” states Glenn Clark, CPCU and Agency President. “We would not be fulfilling our charter if we did not take the steps necessary to fully understand the exposures and career protection concerns our target audience faces. This survey has provided us with a great deal of actionable information we can use to improve our coverage forms and communications.”

“The statistics generated from the survey underscored the need for a professional liability product tailored to law enforcement officers,” continues Glenn. “For example, 88% of all respondents indicated they knew someone who had been the subject of an administrative action, while 41% had been a target themselves. Obviously, an adverse finding from such an action could severely impact an individual’s career in law enforcement. Our product is designed to provide an advocacy legal defense in these situations.”

To learn the full results of the National PSDA Law Enforcement survey, Please download ( the whitepaper, “Six Questions Every Officer Should Ask about Protecting Their Career.” The information can also be reviewed by accessing the PSDA website (

Associations, Benevolent Organizations, or other groups interested in partnering with PSDA as a way to benefit their membership should contact Glenn Clark. Mr. Clark can be reached by phone at 888-304-1201 or via e-mail at
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