A2iA Launches New Website and Brand Identity to Reinforce its Leading Position in the Global Marketplace

A2iA Launches New Website and Brand Identity to Reinforce its Leading Position in the Global Marketplace and Highlight the Value it Delivers to Partners Around the World.

New York, NY, October 03, 2013 --(PR.com)-- A2iA (@A2iA), a developer of specialized and highly intelligent software tools that help users access more of their critical data and automate their document processing workflows announced today the launch of its new website and brand identity. A2iA has been at the forefront of recognition innovation since its founding over 20 years ago, and is reinforcing its brand as a global leader through the combination of its new logo, tagline and visual identity.

The new brand showcases A2iA’s dynamic and progressive recognition capabilities for all types of data, including cursive handwriting, reflected through the attributes of its new logo. The company’s new tagline, “Access More,” gets right to the heart of the benefits A2iA provides: Access to more data, automation, processing speed and ability to address complex projects that users are otherwise unable to achieve with traditional recognition or classification engines. These attributes are also extended through A2iA’s new website, allowing for a new user experience with simple navigation and easily-accessible information.

“A2iA’s products are used millions of times a day in businesses, industries and governments, helping drive efficiency and ROI,” said Jean-Louis Fages, A2iA President & Chairman of the Board. “The launch of our new visual identity highlights our award-winning capabilities, and reinforces the value A2iA delivers to its partners around the world.”

About A2iA
A2iA, Artificial Intelligence and Image Analysis (www.a2ia.com), is the worldwide leading developer of specialized and highly intelligent software toolkits that help users optimize their data capture, document processing and workflow automation capabilities. Since its inception, A2iA has been a science-driven and research-based software developer and our products feature state-of-the-art and proprietary recognition technologies, including handwriting recognition, intelligent word and optical character recognition, and automatic classification engines, that address our customers’ complex data extraction and document processing needs. A2iA’s products are critical components that help drive information system accuracy, efficiency and ROI performance. Working closely with our end user customers and our worldwide network of system integrators, A2iA also ensures each solution makes fiscal sense and fits seamlessly within the information technology environment. For more information, visit www.a2ia.com or call +1 917-237-0390 within the Americas, or +33 1 44 42 00 80 within EMEA or Asia.
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