Largest Radio Station in Washington DC is Using Wytespace’s Mobile Advertising Solution

Centreville, VA, October 03, 2013 --( Businesses are having an increasingly difficult time differentiating themselves in the current market. The significant growth in global advertising spending via traditional marketing channels, projected to grow by 13% in 2014, coupled with the staggering investment in social media and overall online advertising content, currently at $106.1 billion, have created tremendous competition for business to attract and retain the attention of potential consumers The need for innovative advertising and marketing modes and platforms is greater now than ever.

Wytespace, provider of mobile advertising solutions, announced a new advertising campaign with WTOP 103.5 FM. Wytespace provides an innovative mobile advertising solution by creating and applying customized advertisements on white vans and trucks to focus on a specific geography. These vehicles become moving billboards carrying the advertising content wherever they go.

WTOP, part of Hubbard Broadcasting Inc., is the largest radio station in the Washington DC area by listening audience (approximately one million average daily listeners). As an advertiser itself, WTOP recognizes the importance of using innovative marketing solutions to create greater awareness for the station.

Wytespace is working with the station to promote awareness of WTOP’s website as a preferred source for online news, traffic, and weather content. As part of the campaign, wytespace worked with WTOP to develop tailored messaging and graphics which were applied to multiple vans in the Washington DC metro area. The efficacy of this campaign will be measured through a combination of geographic, website, and demographic metrics and data. This campaign will run from September 26, 2013 to December 23, 2013.

“People are inundating by advertisements all day long, whether they’re watching TV, going online, or in their car listening to the radio. Our clients tell us it’s become very difficult for them to differentiate their message and brand,” says Humera Rahman, Chief Operating Officer at wytespace. “We make our advertisements stand out and get people to act. Our solution is to make the ads mobile and get them in front of people. Simply changing the mode of advertising has a significant impact on viewer attention, receptivity, and message retention. Our aim is to keep the message moving and reach a bigger audience by communicating directly to the people.”
Soha Jameel