The Avant-Guide Institute's Daniel Levine: The Biggest Thing in Tech Has Nothing to do with Technology

The celebrated trends speaker talks about the crowd-sourced funding craze.

New York, NY, October 07, 2013 --( It may come as a surprise, but the biggest craze in consumer technology is not an app, the latest electronic product, or even wearable computers. According to trends guru Daniel Levine, it's businesses seeking out crowd-sourced funding to make these products a reality.

"Crowd-sourced funding has consumed the technology start-up space," reports Levine, a noted keynote speaker who does significant work with marketing technology trends. "In addition to seeking out big-time investors, small-scale developers are going online and looking for funds in $20 to $100 increments from a variety of donors to keep their projects moving."

Venture capitalists and business alike love this avenue of funding to size up demand for any given product or service. Products that generate a pre-production buzz are ripe for traditional funding because the crowd-sourced subscription has already proved there's a market.

An increasing number of the technology products Levine tracks are the result of funding from sites like IndieGoGo and Kickstarter to move them along. Projects ranging from personal 3D printers and Virtual Reality mobile phone attachments, to signal blocking mobile phone cases all got their start with funding from the crowds.

Now that U.S. government is considering lifting restrictions on small private entities raising equity, crowd-sourced funding may be poised for explosive growth. That means projects like real estate development, movie production, sports franchises, and a host of other possibilities may soon be opened up to the masses.

"Crowd funding has and will democratize investment," said Levine, turning even small players into mini angel investors. "Instead of seeking out millions from a few, entrepreneurs can draw from a crowd, opening a new era of creation and invention."

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