New Release! is Helping Diesel & Motor Home Owners Increase MPG and Fight Carbon Pollution.

The New HydroDynamo Fuel "Booster" helped a 40 foot Allure Country Coach increase MPG from 6-8 to 12+MPG.

West Palm Beach, FL, October 07, 2013 --( Over the road travelers burn a large amount of fuel and create Carbon Pollution. Recently in a long distant road test a 40' Allure Country Coach with a Hydro Dynamo Booster increased their fuel economy 30+%. The Allure motor coach is a luxury coach that weighs over 40,000 pounds and is powered by a Cummins ISL 425 HP diesel engine. Even with over 90k miles improvement was felt immediately.

Injecting an engine with a Hydrogen Gas booster can reduce the Carbon Footprint +/-85%. Smoke from a diesel engine is substantially reduced, increased fuel savings and a quieter ride with more power were the results.

Hydrogen on demand is a proven, safe and effective way to help internal combustion engines burn fuel more efficiently. The™ team a leader in Hydrogen technologies has recently released the superior Hydro Dynamo "Booster."

Companies and individuals interested in saving fuel and helping our environment call or email for the latest information and updates.

Go Green – Burn Clean!
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