SureGuard Launches Its Range of Waterproof Mattress Protectors

SureGuard announces the official launch of their waterproof mattress protectors at, highlighting why mattress protection is so important, especially for anyone suffering from allergies, night sweats or incontinence.

Grandville, MI, October 05, 2013 --( With the release of their new line of mattress protectors, SureGuard plans to make everyone aware of the numerous health benefits mattress protection brings.

On average, the typical American spends over 8 hours sleeping. With people spending a third of their life in bed, maintaining a healthy sleep space is vital.

"We are beginning to realise that sleep habits play a vital role in our overall health," said Brett Rycroft, SureGuard's spokesman. "Mattress protectors help in creating a safe, healthy sleeping experience."

Most importantly, mattress protection offers many benefits for people that experience allergies, night sweats or incontinence.

"Your mattress is a serious investment that must be looked after," said SureGuard spokesman, Brett Rycroft. "In addition to preventing the collection of allergens and dust mites, mattress protectors also help guard your mattress from moisture and stains, increasing its useful life."

Allergy Prevention

It is estimated that 1 in 10 people are allergic to dust mites. More alarming is that almost 90 percent of allergic asthma cases are caused by dust mites. And, where do most dust mites live and breed? In your mattress! Believe it or not, up to a whopping 10 million dust mites may live in a used mattress - their favorite food being your dead skin and hair.

Apart from dust mites, other allergens like pet dander and pollen often accumulate in a mattress. With a mattress protector, people can guard themselves from the allergens inside their bed.

"You'll find plenty of doctors encouraging the use of mattress protectors as a vital aid in controlling allergies," Rycroft said.

Waterproof Protection

Apart from allergies, millions of people of every age and culture experience bedwetting, incontinence or night sweats. Research suggests that 20% of children wet the bed, and almost 8% of adults are incontinent.

Furthermore, a study of over two thousand people found that 41% percent of them experienced night sweats at least once a month. Mattress protectors like the ones provided by SureGuard offer extra peace of mind when nighttime accidents strike.

"Unlike PVC and vinyl bed sheets, SureGuard's mattress protectors are waterproof and breathable, creating a clean, safe, comfy and cool sleep area," Rycroft said. "And, they're soft and noiseless, letting kids and adults live without the distress of drenching the bed."

Warranty Protection

Aside from waterproof protection, a great benefit of SureGuard mattress protectors is they help maintain warranties. Mattress companies often guarantee their beds for 10 to 20 years. But just about any replacement warranty is voided if the mattress gets stained.

A fluid-proof mattress protector is a simple and affordable way to secure the warranty and extend the life of your mattress. This saves money in the long run.

With the many benefits a mattress protector provides, it makes sense to get one and make your bed a safer, healthier spot to spend one-third of your day. For allergy sufferers and bed wetters, it's a must.

About SureGuard mattress protectors:

SureGuard offers superior quality mattress protectors that provide consumers with a healthy and comfortable sleep environment. The brand was established to offer bedding protectors that provide a dry, dust mite- and allergy-free sleep space for people of all ages.

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