Church of Scientology Hosts Film Screening for World War II Inspired Documentary

The Church of Scientology will host the film screening for a documentary inspired by World War II.

Nashville, TN, October 07, 2013 --( The Church of Scientology and Celebrity Centre Nashville will host a film screening on Saturday for a documentary inspired by life during World War II.

“Love Letters: A Legacy of Tormented Addiction” is the award winning documentary inspired by the story of Roswell Joseph Weil and the letters he wrote during World War II to his parents every day for three and a half years while he was stationed in Europe. The documentary describes his meeting with his future wife, their marriage during the war and her addiction to pharmaceutical drugs.

“I hate what our servicemen and women have to go through,” says pastor of the church, Rev. Brian Fesler, “There is a huge disconnect between life at home and life in the military and people need to see this, understand it. We’re honored to host Mr. Weil’s documentary.”

The film screening will take place October 5th at 7pm in the community room of the church. It is being presented by filmmaker Richard Lyons Weil. Weil is a New Orleans native who came to Nashville in 2004 to pursue his career as an artist.

Contact The Actors' Reading Room at 615-915-0891 for further information about the screening. For more information about the church, visit
Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre Nashville
Julie Brinker