Two Laborers Launch Peanut Hill Gidgets and Gadgets to Help Low-Income Families Get the Electronics They Need

Bedford, PA, October 07, 2013 --( What did 2 low-income laborers have in common since meeting? "The desire to help others and start our own business at the same time," says Kevin Price. He and his partner, Frank Mitchell, still work for their regular employer, but in their spare time they started Peanut Hill Gidgets and Gadgets and began selling electronics online.

The idea for the company came after realizing that so many people like them were paying upwards of $2000 or more for cell phones over the life of their contracts.

"So few people are actually able to afford what these major carriers are charging these days," says Mitchell. "We are hoping to change that by offering phones that consumers want at a price that is manageable for those out of work or living paycheck to paycheck."

Price has experience selling online and has sold numerous items since 2001. Mitchell is not computer savvy, but ran a business for several years when the owner fell ill and is actively getting the word out about what they have to offer consumers. Both Price and Mitchell said they realize that there are times when cell phones are very important and can even save a persons life and the two already have a growing following on Facebook.

Between Mitchell and Price are several months of planning, taking care of all the legalities, building the online store, and using whatever tools they can find to get the name real message of Peanut Hill to those that need it.

The two have no plans to quit their jobs, but say that if the company's sales improve they may be optimistic in the future.

Peanut Hill Gidgets and Gadgets sells factory unlocked Android phones, tablets, and netbooks. Updates can be found on their Facebook page @ peanuthillgidgetsandgadgets which links to their online store.
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