Calgary Specialists Platinum Pro Painters Add to Suite of Commercial Interior and Exterior Painting Services

Calgary, Canada, October 10, 2013 --( Canada’s leading firm for immaculate painting solutions, Platinum Pro Painters has announced several new additions to their broad suite of commercial exterior and interior painting services. One of the firm’s latest catalogue additions is their anti-graffiti coating services, which involve utilizing a specially-engineered material that actively prevents graffiti from sticking to the exterior of commercial buildings.

Firms within Canadian business environment must continually evoke a professional appeal in order to preserve their brand reputation. This means that when a commercial property is vandalized, the effects can have long-reaching consequences for the brand identity. Vandalized buildings evoke an impression of neglect and firms that continually suffer from such issues within their commercial environment must respond with a proactive solution that prevents such vandalism. For this reason, many are now turning to Platinum Pro Painters to help prevent the issue from recurring.

Platinum Pro Painters can now help to protect their clients’ business environments through the use of an anti-graffiti coating on the outer areas of their property. The Calgary based house painters are also offering this service to residential clients, in order to ensure that property across the city remains at its optimal aesthetic best. In addition to preventing graffiti, the coating the company utilizes is also peel-resistant and requires no maintenance. This means that property owners can simply hire the services of Platinum Pro Painters and then relax without ever having to worry about someone putting graffiti on their property again.

The company has also recently added several new items to their catalogue of interior painting services in Calgary. One example is their stair and riser painting. The company offers a great selection of environmentally-friendly paints in various colours to help revitalize the look of stair areas within commercial and residential properties.

To learn more about the latest additions to the Platinum Pro Painters catalogue, please contact the organization directly today and speak with one of their on-site expertise. Alternatively, clients can visit the company’s website at
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