Calgary Property Interior Decorators Platinum Pro Painters Offer New Spray-on Ceiling System Removal Service

Calgary, Canada, October 10, 2013 --( Leading Calgary interior painters and decorators, Platinum Pro Painters have announced they’re now offering a professional service to help clients remove acoustic ceiling areas and other spray-on systems from within their home. The company’s new removal service will help property owners to modernize their home and reduce potential instances of dust, cob-webbing and asbestos growth.

Popular from the late 1950s to the 1970s, spray-on ceiling treatments, also known as popcorn or acoustic ceilings, are now outdated within today’s real estate landscape. Those that are considering selling their property in the near future must remove these areas if they are to enhance the value of their home. And so that’s why many Calgary property owners are turning to the specialists at Platinum Pro Painters for the seamless removal of all spray-on ceiling systems within interior residential areas.

Whether the ceiling has become infested with cobwebs or is showing the effects of water damage, the Platinum Pro Painters team has the experience and the technical knowledge to ensure the swift removal of system remnants. Projects begin with a visit from the Platinum Pro Painters team to assess the amount of work required. The firm will them design a process that ensures all pieces of the spray-on system are removed within a consolidated timeframe. As an organization with an enduring commitment to the natural environment, Platinum Pro Painters will ensure every element of their work is optimized to ensure complete safety as well as the reduction of airborne contaminants. Upon completion, homeowners will be left with a modern-looking property that offers a safe haven for their entire family.

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