Prolific Imagination Publishing Announces “Up, Up In The Air” Book Release

Announcing the book release of “Up, Up In The Air” published by Prolific Imagination Publishing Author and Sole Proprietor Adrian Powell is enthused by the book’s insightful premise.

Houston, TX, October 10, 2013 --( Dedicated to children everywhere who need a bit of encouragement Adrian Powell, Owner and Sole Proprietor of Prolific Imagination Publishing is proud to announce the launch of his book entitled, “Up, Up In The Air.” The book tells the story of its central character Kenny who is determined to learn how to fly. The persistent Kenny sets out on a quest but is met with several encounters with others who tell him his dream is impossible. The book’s story line follows the brave character as he sets out to prove his naysayers wrong. In the process he proves to himself that his dream is indeed valid and very doable.

Of African American descent himself, the first-time author wrote the book from the perspective of children of color so that they would be inspired to see themselves in the central character. Desiring to create a story in which children around the world could go back and “reference when they too embark on the journey of obtaining their dreams” Powell engages his readers with triumph and courage. “There weren’t many people in my environment to encourage my dream of working in Aeronautics. Like the main character in my book my goal was often meet with opposition because of the inability of others to see beyond what they knew to be true or normal,” Powell expounds.

Despite discouragement the author went on to purse his dream and attended Tennessee State University on an academic scholarship and later received his B.S. in Aeronautical and Industrial Technology. Working for the leader in Aviation logistics Powell once again found himself in a position where he was one of the only young African Americans in aviation. As a result he decided to create a book published through his own micro publishing company that would help to encourage children to follow through with their goals despite people around them who doubt their potential.

The book is intended for children ages four through nine and will feature several aviation related sequels. One of the sequels will encourage young women in particular to enter the field of aviation. “Up, Up In the Air” will be available in print and eBook formats beginning October 18th through major retailers like Barnes & Noble and Amazon. The book is available for purchase on the Prolific Imagination Publishing website where each purchase receives a free gift.
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