JAJAH Answers the Call of Businesses

JAJAH Announces Application Programming Interface for Next Generation Communications

Mountain View, CA, September 13, 2007 --(PR.com)-- JAJAH, the world's most innovative communication company, today announced its new application programming interface (API) and its continued commitment to meeting small and large businesses communication needs. The JAJAH API technology has already brought an upswing in business adoption of its Web based communication services.

The upswing is taking place on two fronts. Global businesses are adopting JAJAH because it delivers dramatic call savings to the organizations. Businesses are also embedding JAJAH solutions using the API into their own Web properties to bring added value to their customers. For example, eHarmony, Plaxo, Lotus Notes, Gumiyo, Joyent, Adooda, ItalianModa and Deutsche Telekom have integrated everything from Web-based click-to-call toll-free alternatives for customer service support, to conference or anonymous calling.

Each JAJAH application is tailored to meet individual business needs. The JAJAH API allows businesses and online services to integrate customized Voice 2.0 features and click-to-call solutions into their own Websites.

"More and more business communications are taking place on the IP level and intelligent solutions such as anonymous calls and identity management are considered essential," said Roman Scharf, JAJAH cofounder. "JAJAH's collaborative Voice 2.0 environment delivers a solution that is a perfect example of our technology leadership and our commitment to innovation."

Millions of consumers have already found JAJAH's technology easy and cost effective for local to global calls, which makes it ideal to integrate into consumer-facing business uses. With no download, no installation or software, JAJAH's web-activated telephony at www.jajah.com or http://mobile.jajah.com is the first service designed for all phone users who appreciate a free or low-cost call.

"We've been watching this trend develop since we launched and now it appears to be reaching a tipping point," said Scharf. "Where we had originally designed JAJAH to bring low-cost calling to consumers, it turns out that businesses are turning to us because we solve a wide range of mission critical needs for their companies."

Businesses value the need for privacy. JAJAH understands this most basic business necessity; perhaps no one sees the benefit of privacy more than eHarmony. Recently, eHarmony launched its anonymous calling feature, "Secure Call" powered by JAJAH. It provides a private and secure way for members to talk one-on-one with their matches, without revealing their personal contact information.

In the July 16 press release, Greg Waldorf, CEO of eHarmony said, "Secure Call is a natural extension of our guided communication process. At eHarmony, we have created an anonymous messaging system so members can email each other without disclosing personal information. Now with Secure Call, our members can take the next step of getting to know more about each other by talking on the phone while maintaining that level of privacy." Waldorf added, "Working with JAJAH, we made sure the user experience is seamless and compliments our online dating environment."

JAJAH has also joined forces with IBM's premier business partner, Pentos AG. The result is the JAJAH application plug-in for Lotus Notes and Lotus Sametime. By integrating JAJAH technology into existing telephone infrastructure without major investments or software installments, companies can save up to 98 percent on call costs and simplify the life of employees.

"JAJAH is very easy to use, provides low-cost calls around the planet and does not need any new investments in hardware, because you use the phones you have in your office," explained Wolfgang Kuchelmeister and Nikolaus Krasser, CEOs of Pentos AG.

For cost-effective customer service needs, both Deutsche Telekom and ItalianModa are offering their customers a way to make free phone calls to live agents during business hours. At the ItalianModa.com online fashion marketplace, consumers can click the "Free Phone Call" button to connect to a company representative or when available, speak to a partnering manufacturer. It's as simple as entering in the number where the shopper can be reached and clicking the button – JAJAH does the rest and rings both parties on actual phones to answer their e-tail needs.

Deutsche Telekom is now providing a way for its users in Germany to place a free JAJAH-powered call to customer service representatives when they have questions about additional services. It is yet another way businesses to connect to their customers without the delay of email or requiring the user to dial a number.

To find out more about JAJAH's API visit www.jajah.com/info/business/ or contact the business development team at businessdevelopment@jajah.com


JAJAH, the world's most innovative global communications company, is dedicated to bringing users vastly improved telephony solutions at a fraction of the traditional price. JAJAH enables consumers and businesses to make free and low-cost telephone calls, locally or globally, dialing from either their computer or mobile phone. By combining the best of the Internet with the best of the existing telephony infrastructure, JAJAH removes the barriers to communication and makes it easier for people everywhere to stay in touch. JAJAH has offices in Mountain View, California and Luxembourg.

Frederik Hermann