Ecuador Relocation Tours Provide a Boots on the Ground Experience of Ecuador

The Ecuador Relocation Tours stand out distinctively as the company offers a boots on the ground experience of Ecuador, showing expat living in Ecuador and what it takes to move to this country in Latin America.

Dallas, TX, October 16, 2013 --( The Ecuador Relocation Tours recently launched their tour dates for 2014, starting in January and ending in December. The tours are unlike the usual Ecuador tours because the entire itinerary is designed to show real living in Ecuador and what moving to this country entails.

Participants will travel to the areas of Ecuador suitable for relocation and retirement. Considered as expat regions, the places to be visited by the tours include Quito, Manta, Bahia de Caraquez, Guayaquil, Salinas, Loja, Vilcabamba, and Cuenca.

In each town or city the tour visits, participants will be shown residential areas, grocery stores, dental clinics, hospitals, farmer’s markets, banks, and many more places essential to relocation and retirement planning. Tour participants will see expat neighborhoods and amenities in store for them, in Ecuador.

“At the end of the day, we want our participants to see if living in Ecuador is right for them,” says Nathan, the official spokesperson of the Ecuador Relocation Tours. “We have no agenda to sell you anything. All we want is for you to see the Ecuadorian way of life. We will take you to different places in Ecuador, while providing you helpful information to plan your move to Ecuador.”

When asked what sets the Ecuador Relocation Tours apart from other Ecuador tours, Nathan says it’s the opportunity to meet and greet the expats who have already made the move to Ecuador. “We will be providing various opportunities to socialize with the expats, where participants can ask them questions and find answers about living in Ecuador. There’s also the opportunity to meet an attorney who will be discussing visa options and other concerns about the legalities of an Ecuador relocation or retirement.”

The 7-day and 6-night Ecuador Relocation Tours will begin in January, 2014. The tours include meals, transportation, and lodging during the official tour. The Ecuador Relocation Tours also has a Yahoo! Group, which is exclusively offered for tour alumni who want to keep in touch with each other after the tour. In addition, interested parties can also subscribe to the Ecuador Relocation Tours’ newsletter and get information and updates about living in Ecuador.

The Ecuador Relocation Tours are an offshoot of the highly successful Panama Relocation Tours, likewise, designed to offer a boots on the ground experience of Panama. Nathan is also part of the Panama Relocation Tours. He felt the need to offer the same kind of tour for people interested to live or retire in Ecuador. “I knew that this kind of service is essential. We are committed to providing a true to life portrayal of the pros and cons of living in Ecuador.”

The Ecuador Relocation Tours are all set for 2014, with itineraries outlined from January to December. Interested parties may visit the Ecuador Relocation Tours official website or call 1-972-496-6032 for information.

About the Ecuador Relocation Tours

The Ecuador Relocation Tours was inspired from the original Panama Relocation Tours by Jackie Lange. Unlike other Ecuador tours that focus on tourist destinations, the Ecuador Relocation Tours are designed to help people decide if life in Ecuador suits them. The tours are conducted by people who know Ecuador by heart and what it takes to move to Ecuador, visiting various areas essential to relocation and retirement planning.
Ecuador Relocation Tours
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