M-Connect Media Launched Magento Extensions - Flat Rate Shipping Per Product

M-Connect Media launched their Magento extension product - "Flat Rate Shipping per Product," approved by a virtual marketplace, Magento Connect on the 11th of October, 2013.

Cypress, CA, October 17, 2013 --(PR.com)-- M-Connect Media has pioneered itself as a E-commerce designer and, developer that offers a wide range of conceptual, functional and, customer oriented extensions to their users. This is what makes M-Connect different from its competitors. On October 11th, the company added one more extension to its ever growing list of extension with MagentoConnect’s “flat rate shipping per product.”

Please check: Magento Commerce / M-Connect / Flat Rate Shipping per Product.

With this all new extension, the company is looking at producing flat shipping rates for products globally. It seems to a brilliant idea especially for the people who belong to the magento community. Using the admin panel for the E-commerce website, one can set up a flat shipping rate for any product available on the Magento site.

When M-Connect Media was questioned about the benefit of this product, the spokesperson responded, “The sites till now were not managed in a way to give shipping rates per product but, that seemed to be the need of the hour. While people wished to give away some products with free shipping charges, they wished to charge for shipping on other products. This suggested the premise for this extension product. With this product, the E-commerce vendors can charge the shipping rates per product. They can even change the shipping price as per the country. So, it is basically a very useful for all of those who wish to build on such extensions.”

It’s an absolutely new connect extension that has come up using the open source. The company is looking forward to it being savoured by the community like the previous extensions. The hopes built around this extension are high as it is one of its kind and, a completely useful tool especially for the E-commerce vendors.

The configuration and, set up tasks are pretty simple with this extension tool. This extension is absolutely easy to install and maintain. With this extension, one can either bundle the products and, add the shipping cost or, add the shipping cost per country, whichever suits the vendor. The options for both are available in this. This extension is available for free.

As a full-fledged E-Commerce solution vendor, M-Connect Media comes up with various product variations and extensions for Magento. If the Magento store is facing issues of any sort, you can always contact M-Connect Media. They will be ready to provide you with suggestions and, solutions to solve your issue, please visit: M-Connect Media / Magento Development

M-Connect Media is an E-commerce developer with an expertise in Magento commerce. It has been listed by the International Business Times as one of the top E-commerce solution provider firms in the year 2012. Till date the company has released more than 10 Magento extension products and, has designed close to 600 Magento stores. With a team of certified developers, the company provides excellent services and, functional extensions to their consumers.

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