Local Sandy Men and Women Workout at iLoveKickboxing’s Special Kickboxing Challenge Class

iLoveKickboxingSandy and Personal Mastery Martial Arts helps Sandy men and women get an amazing workout with a special 90 minute challenge class.

Sandy, UT, October 17, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Last Saturday, local Sandy men and women got an amazing workout at iLoveKickboxingSandy and Personal Mastery Martial Arts’s special hour and a half Kickboxing Challenge Class. The challenge class was designed to be a fat blasting, bag pounding, heart pumping, high intensity workout. The regular Kickboxing classes at this fitness facility run for one hour and are taught by one instructor, but participants in the challenge class last Saturday came in to hit the bags for 90 minutes and rotated between three instructors for an intense, non-stop workout.

One Kickboxing client, Laura Tanner, said, “The challenge class was everything it was promised to be and more! Nothing like a butt-kicking early on a Saturday with a bunch of awesome people.”

The Challenge Class had Kickboxers rotating between three stations with different instructors every 8-9 minutes. The three stations were conditioning, partner drills, and heavy bag rounds. The conditioning stations were designed to help students gain strength, build muscle, and build endurance. The partner drills stations continued conditioning while teaching students basic boxing fundamentals and concentration while working different muscles. Finally, the heavy bag rounds helped students increase their cardiovascular fitness while building some stamina and strength from hitting the bags.

In addition to offering this special, one-of-a-kind class, iLoveKickboxingSandy also provided a light breakfast for all of the participants after they completed the challenge.

Diana Sanchez, who participated in the challenge class, said, “Fantastic class and a great way to start the weekend! Thanks Brittany, Aaron, and Anissa for all those awesome drills and combos today! And thanks Teresa Lechtenberg and Brett Lechtenberg for the breakfast food afterwards!”

Another participant and long-time Kickboxing student, Gretel Crison, said, “Great challenge class Aaron, Anissa, and Brittany! Time just flew by! And breakfast was a nice bonus.”

Aaron Doucet, Anissa Berriochoa, and Brittany Alleman Ayers were excited to teach this special challenge class for their Kickboxing clients. They work to help their students reach their fitness goals on a daily basis. They do much more than just teach fat blasting Kickboxing classes – they also help their students create and maintain a fitness and nutrition program. For example, Anissa Berriochoa offers free nutrition workshops for Kickboxing clients on a monthly basis to help them learn how to maximize their workouts through proper nutrition. As these instructors designed the Kickboxing Challenge Class they kept their students fitness goals in mind and created a class that would help them burn as many calories as possible.

Nicole Sharp, one of the Kickboxers who attended the challenge class, later said, “Challenge accepted... and Defeated! Amazing class Brittany, Anissa, and Aaron! 1036 calories and it isn't even noon yet! I call that a successful day.”

For more information about fitness kickboxing in Sandy check out the website: http://www.ilovekickboxingsandy.com
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