VPV Versicherungen Website Modernizes with e-Spirit

Time-honored insurance firm’s website updates include personalized sites and cutting-edge visitor tracking, thanks to the FirstSpirit CMS.

Boston, MA, October 18, 2013 --(PR.com)-- The Vereinigte Postversicherung, (VPV) has announced today the relaunch of its website using the FirstSpirit content management system from e-Spirit, the specialist for Web content management. This new website gives the 185-year-old insurance company and its extensive product portfolio a more modern and transparent look intended to optimize conversion rates and create an outstanding Web experience. The project was designed and implemented by long-term e-Spirit partner 21TORR GmbH, which has worked with VPV on its digital communication needs for several years.

With more than 1,200 employees throughout Germany, VPV Versicherungen sought to overhaul its main website’s content, graphics and technology, and include in the new site personalized pages for its online brokers. It was key for the corporate website to share the platform with the new broker pages, so the design elements and main corporate content would be consistent throughout all pages. A service-based insurance company, VPV focuses on marketing activities for its brokers, making it essential to provide broker pages that are uniform, user-friendly and efficient. For insurance customers, VPV’s website gives a comprehensive list of its insurance products and services and allows customers to easily find a local insurance broker, thanks to FirstSpirit’s geographical localization tool integrated into the website.

Convenience for customers and brokers
The FirstSpirit CMS allows VPV brokers to access a separate editorial area where they can find templates for creating personalized pages. Design changes are made only at the corporate level and then incorporated into the templates, so the brand can be consistently presented, while allowing personalization on the brokers’ pages. The CMS also allows VPV employees to accurately track who is responsible for which content, which aids compliance. And FirstSpirit’s high integration capacity allowed VPV to incorporate external applications, such as the localization tool and an external analysis tool to help VPV analyze visitor behavior to improve conversion rates, among others.

"FirstSpirit is incredibly user-friendly and helps the VPV brokers to concentrate on the essentials – their daily work with customers,” said Jörn Bodemann, CEO of e-Spirit. “They no longer have to spend a lot of time fiddling around on their personal website; rather they can rely on the powerful and time-savings features that FirstSpirit has to offer. This is exactly what makes a high-quality CMS stand out. We were happy to help VPV make its website more user-friendly to increase customer satisfaction over the long term.”

The new VPV Versicherungen website is now live and can be visited at www.vpv.de.
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