Enhance Home and Restaurant Kitchen Countertops with the Latest Styles from California Soapstone Specialists Teresina Soapstone

Roseville, CA, October 19, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Roseville, CA-based Teresina Soapstone is introducing several new products to its company catalogue of soapstone materials. The leading California firm’s updated selection of materials for soapstone countertops is designed to capture the essence of the contemporary design aesthetic expected by clients across the country.

California restaurant owners continue to search for kitchen materials that will give their business the competitive advantage of others within the competitive local culinary marketplace. Quality furnishing products can be difficult to locate. But firms across the state are now beginning to learn of the inherent functional advantages of soapstone. Containing quartz, soapstone kitchen countertops are fabricated ensure a durable, bacteria-resistant surface on which to prepare meals.

Many leading area restaurants are choosing soapstone as a renovation material for their kitchens because the product does not stain or etch. This ensures a professional-looking appearance to all in-house kitchen areas. But in order to ensure they find the requisite style for their unique interior décor, restaurant owners must turn to soapstone specialists who have a broad range of styles available within their catalogue. Teresina Soapstone continues to be a leading brand within the industry. And their latest selection is indicative of their continuing commitment to unparalleled stone quality.

Beleza soapstone is one of the more recent additions to the Teresina Soapstone catalogue. This product has become synonymous with contemporary style and is now a popular choice for local area restaurants intent on adding elegance to their kitchen décor. California restaurants often utilize Beleza soapstone in countertops adjacent to windows. That’s because the direct natural light helps to bring out the green tones that characterize this appealing material.

The natural density and strength of the Beleza soapstone product makes it the ideal choice within busy restaurant areas, where kitchen staff might accidentally nudge countertops with metal utensils en route to other areas of the room. Restaurant owners will find that the Teresina Soapstone staff can help introduce them to the Beleza soapstone and highlight the color of the stone within various lighting environments. To learn more, please contact Teresina Soapstone directly or visit www.teresinasoapstone.com.
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