Thyro-Cat Releases Feline Hyperthyroidism Symptoms to Save Cats Lives

Feline hyperthyroidism treatment center says “Get Your Cat Tested” to save his/her life. Read on for warning symptoms of feline hyperthyroidism to see if your cat should get tested and treated.

Stamford, CT, October 18, 2013 --( Feline hyperthyroidism is a growing concern in the veterinary industry, as it is fatal, if left untreated, and most often, pet owners are not even aware that their cat suffers from the disease. Combined with the fact that hyperthyroid conditions in cats is a very common endocrine disease for older cats, makes the problem all the more vital to get tested for. Reaching out to the public, Thyro-Cat urges cat owners, especially owners of older cats, to get tested for feline hyperthyroidism, if they notice any or all of the following symptoms appearing in their cat. It will likely save your cat's life.

Symptoms of thyroid problems in cats include:

-weight loss
-changes in behavior - anxiety or nervousness
-excessive appetite or decreased appetite
-increased water intake
-hyperactivity or lethargy
-excessive shedding, hair loss (alopecia), poor coat condition
-diarrhea or vomiting
-increased urination
-cardiac symptoms - rapid heart rate, arrhythmia

Thyro-Cat, with four feline hyperthyroidism treatment centers (Brookfield/Danbury, CT; Stamford, CT; Holbrook/Long Island, NY; and Syracuse/Fayetteville, NY) offers affordable, effective diagnosis and treatment for cats with hyperthyroidism. Get your cat tested today; it could save your cat's life.
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