Off the Grid Living, Inc. President Robin Speronis Announces Resumption of Talk Radio Program

Blog Talk Radio program Talk Off The Grid Living,, with host Robin Speronis will resume broadcast from Speare Community Room in Cape Coral, Florida with series of Meet The Community shows starting Saturday October 19, 2013

Cape Coral, FL, October 20, 2013 --( Robin Speronis, owner of Off The Grid Living, Inc. of Southwest Florida and host of Blog Talk Radio's Talk Off The Grid Living, announces the resumption of her radio program.

Speronis halted the broadcast of her radio show when she moved from living off-grid in an RV deep in the woods of North Fort Myers, Florida to live again in the city of Cape Coral, Florida as an urban off-grid adventure.

That was eight months ago and Speronis has found that a person or a family can be prepared for the worst without moving to the boondocks or buying a farm. Speronis now believes that you can be prepared wherever you are located and survive - no, thrive - quite nicely.

She believes it is even possible to live off the grid in inner city areas, but that requires being a functioning part of a community.

"That is living off the grid urban style", Speronis says. "What it represents is as important as what it is, because just as much as we need water and food and shelter, we also need hope and each other."

Talk Off The Grid Living is now broadcast from Speare Community Room in Unit B of Speronis' "off-grid" duplex. The new series of radio shows are titled Meet The Community.

The radio show is broadcasted every Saturday at 10 am ET. Listeners may dial-in at (646)595-2033 or access the show on the web at

Past shows are archived and may be listened to on-demand at

Robin Speronis owns the company, Off The Grid Living, Inc. in Southwest Florida. Speronis is on a quest to live without dependence on the system by integrating and using her education, her experiences, and the human and natural resources available to her.

Robin writes a blog entitled Off The Grid Living In Southwest Florida - One Woman's Story: aka Adventures of a Nature Girl in Her Quest for Freedom, Speronis hopes to contribute to the self-reliant movement that is sweeping the country.

She currently is the author of two books, "My Love Was Greater Than My Fear: Free My Husband Completely From Healthcare System And Home Deathing Him Naturally" and "Off The Grid Living In Southwest Florida Volume I."

Her new book "Tale Of Two Economies: My Experiences With Fear and Scarcity And Love and Abundance; The Money Economy And The Gift Economy" is expected to be published the winter of 2014.
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