New York's Arch Dance Company Presents Battlegrounds at the Jamaica Performing Arts Centre October 26

The Jamaica Performing Arts Center presents Artist in Focus recipient Jennifer Archibald and her Arch Dance Company in NYC on October 26th, 2013 at 7 PM. Guest artist multimedia presentation by Emmy Nominee Alastair Christopher and installation collaboration by Danny Soto of Fela and renowned installation artist Daniel Wurtzel will also be shown.

New York, NY, October 24, 2013 --( New York choreographer Jennifer Archibald will present an evening of her choreographic works at the Jamaica Performing Arts Centre (JPAC) supported by a generous grant from the National Endowment of the Arts. Arch Dance Company led by Artistic Director Jennifer Archibald will present “Battlegrounds” and “To Stray.” The performance will be enhanced with multi-media backdrops provisioned by Emmy nominee Alastair Christopher of 51 Designz. Also performing is special guest Danny Soto, original cast member of Fela, who will present a piece developed in collaboration with renowned installation artist Daniel Wurtzel.

Archibald has had a busy year having recently completed Robert Battle’s New Directions Choreography Lab at Ailey, and having her choreography commissioned by the Atlanta Ballet this summer and The Ailey II 2013/2014 Word Tour. Archibald’s work is guided by instinctive behavior and explores how truthful emotional movement triggers authentic movement reflexes in dance.

During this evening of dance, Arch Dance Company will perform “Battlegrounds” - a work created by Archibald that depicts the collision of economics with everyday life, and survival through hip hop and contemporary dance, music, and multimedia. Battlegrounds, originally created by Archibald in 2008, was at the time inspired by Papua New Guinea’s most fearsome gang, the Raskols. While the company developed new repertory works, this well received piece was shelved for nearly five years. In light of recent media headlines and a firestorm of protests related to NYC Stop and Frisk, Sean Bell, Trayvon Martin, hate crimes, reports and more, the epic narrative behind Battlegrounds remains relevant.

“To Stray” will also be performed by Arch Dance Company. This piece will investigate the themes of love, escape and the unfortunate brutality of women for reasons of infidelity. To Stray poses questions of human morality and dignity.

“I have artistically grown since then and I wanted to approach (Battlegrounds) one more time and apply the choreographic tools I investigated at Ailey’s Choreographic Lab. In this piece, movement, sound, visual media, and text coexist to paint a complete and current picture that initiates a soulful exchange with the viewer,” said Jennifer. “The digital imagery that Alastair Christopher brings to the screen portrays the hardships and beauty of life; and they have the capacity to intersect with my translation of movement in beautiful ways,” says Archibald.

Danny Soto has been invited to present his new collaboration with renowned sculptor Daniel Wurtzel at the show. “It is a great fit for the evening! Daniel Wurtzel is fascinated by finding order in chaotic airflow systems and I am fascinated in finding the true movement impulses in a chaotic life experience,” says Jennifer.

Archibald believes that art, whether participatory or observed, enables individuals to come to terms with their situations, through freedom of discussion, empowerment, and advocacy. Dialogue inspired by art can bring awareness to growing, ambitious and disenfranchised communities.

The evening will conclude with a reception after the show. There are three ways to purchase the $10 tickets from JPAC: online, at the box office or by calling (718) 618-6170. For more info about this event visit:

Watch the trailer for “Battlegrounds”:

About Arch Dance Company:

Arch Dance Company is a world class dance company based in New York City. Since 2006, the company has brought intense energy to international stages under the artistic direction of Jennifer Archibald. Arch Dance brings realness and emotion to every creation which evolves from personal investigations of human behavior. Exploring movement styles ranging from an array of aesthetics, Archibald incorporates classical training, street, funk and lyrical dance styles into contemporary high energy performances. Culturally diverse company dancers with elite training from around the globe successfully meld the hard edge of street dance with the fluidity of classical technique.

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