Creator of New Web Magazine Claims a Creative Look at Spirit, Science and Being Human is Key to Spiritual Awakening

Rod Van Abbema at Spirited Thinking says that in light of scientific and historical knowledge there is growing audience of people who want to think for themselves concerning spirituality. He says they value the spiritual dimension but may not be satisfied with traditional religions. He says his web magazine will present poems, quotes, book reviews, and in-depth articles for this growing audience.

Grand Haven, MI, October 27, 2013 --( The creator of the web magazine Spirited Thinking claims that many people want to be more realistic and think for themselves when seeking spiritual meaning for their lives. Rod Van Abbema, creator and writer for the new periodical says that in light of scientific knowledge about the cosmos and evolution there is growing audience of people who value the spiritual dimension of life but may not be satisfied with traditional religions.

Van Abbema made “Three Ideas for Centering Your Life,” the centerpiece of Spirited Thinking. The inspirational video is based on an original poem by Van Abbema. It’s central theme is that all of life is sacred and that everything we do is spiritual practice. He included nature photography and meditative music. He hopes that viewers will be inspired to see that life is beautiful and that every moment should be embraced.

Van Abbema says that different minds find knowledge and inspiration in different ways, therefore will use several forms of expression. In addition to inspirational movies or videos, he will publish original poems, book reviews, thought-provoking quotes and in-depth articles.

Van Abbema believes that increasing numbers of people think of themselves as spiritual but not religious. Many also retain connections with religion but reject dogma because they want to think for themselves. He says his in-depth articles will address some of their questions, such as:

What is the human individual? Is the individual just physical matter or a spiritual being?
In light of scientific realities, is God real?
What good is religion?
Is there spiritual meaning in the fact of evolution?
Can an individual develop his or her own philosophy about life?

Van Abbema admits his writings will not be for everyone. The person who is comfortable with a traditional faith and uncomfortable with questioning handed down “truths” will look elsewhere. But for individuals who want to rethink their world view in the light of scientific and historical knowledge, he hopes to find many curious readers.
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