Web Design Firms Can Now Offer Free eCommerce by FastCommerce.com as an Additional Service to Increase Revenue

Small website design firms can now offer the e-commerce system by FastCommerce.com as an additional service to drive revenue from new and existing clients. FastCommerce is a complete e-commerce that is offered at no or low cost. At virtually no risk, design firms can offer to set-up web storefronts for small business entrepreneurs looking to sell online.

San Mateo, CA, September 27, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Web design firms have emerged as a fast growing client base for the free e-commerce applications offered by FastCommerce.com. The FastCommerce e-commerce system is easy to set-up, easy to use, and is offered at no or low cost. There is no risk to start, and in return web design firms get a state of the art, high performance ecommerce system to use as an additional product offering to boost revenue.

Small business design firms have been quick to sense a new and potentially lucrative business opportunity. Traditionally, web design has been only a part of a total ecommerce operation, a small part of the total software needs of the small business entrepreneur looking to sell online. Small business online retailers have traditionally used a number of diverse software programs to successfully run an ecommerce company. As e-commerce applications move to the web small business online retailers have greater access to single-system e-commerce services. FastCommerce.com is a powerful, low-cost Web 2.0 version of this new model.

FastCommerce.com has all the tools a small business needs to sell online. By simply signing up, online retailers have access to a full suite of tools that include an online store, online product catalogue, shopping cart, auto-email responder for order and shipping confirmation, as well as back office tools for order capture and processing, account maintenance in addition to automatic shipping calculations for USPS, USP and FedEx. Paypal will soon be offered as a payment option, and credit card transactions can be set up on the site through authorise.net.

But the FastCommerce.com ecommerce tools are free up to 50 products. By simply signing up, web design firms can quickly master the tools of setting up a complete online store, and then offer it to their clients as a service or product. Small business online retail continues to grow at an astonishing pace, and the FastCommerce.com ecommerce webstore has all the tools that small online retailers need to be successful.

The FastCommerce.com represents a new tool for website designers to offer to their established client base looking to extend their e-commerce capabilities. "We are finding the website designers have lots of clients require updates to their ecommerce systems" says Charles Han, FastCommerce.com CEO, "By simply learning the FastCommerce.com system, they can revisit their clients with a powerful and inexpensive ecommerce solution. For lack of time, many online retailers will be looking to third-party providers to set it up. And because it is easy to set up, and low cost, it's a win-win."

FastCommerce.com is also offering free additional training to all web designers looking to utilize the free e-commerce service to expand their business. Topics will include how to set up the store, and how to go live, setting up the store as a sub-domain of the existing website, etc. And since the FastCommerce.com e-commerce system is easy to use, website designers will find it easy to train their clients on the system to get them up and running quickly.

The response to the FastCommerce.com ecommerce system for small online retailers has been impressive. Small business retailers have been tremendously excited by having access to high caliber e-commerce software at little or no cost.

Fastcommerce.com provides business management software to small businesses, delivered on demand as a service via the web on a free or paid monthly subscription basis. We provide small businesses with a complete, fully integrated package that helps run their entire operations, including inventory control, sales and marketing, support, online catalogs, e-commerce, backend order processing, and built-in UPS and Fedex shipping tools.

The only requirement to use our software is an internet connection. Unlike a traditional software company, our small business customers do not need to buy and maintain expensive software and hardware.

Gregory Peterson