Maria Luisa Alvarado Expected to Announce Her Candidacy for Lt. Governor Monday

Alvarado, 2006 democratic nominee for Texas Lt. Governor seeks to challenge current Republican incumbent. It is anticipated that she will announce her candidacy on Monday.

San Antonio, TX, October 27, 2013 --( Maria Luisa Alvarado, a retired Air Force Master Sergeant, is inviting friends and neighbors to join her Monday morning, Oct. 28 at 10 a.m. at Estella’s Mexican Restaurant, 2200 W. Martin St. in San Antonio. It is anticipated that Alvarado will announce her candidacy for Lt. Governor of Texas.

Over 1.6 million Texans voted for Alvarado for Lt. Gov in the 2006 General Election, when she faced Texas’s current incumbent. Alvarado is expected to announce that she will continue to build on the base of Texans she engaged in the 2006 election. She is known for attracting citizens who normally “stay home and don’t vote” by listening to peoples’ concerns and viewpoints and persuading them, “that not voting will not fix what is wrong!”

In waging a low-dollar challenger race in 2006, Alvarado, won the Democratic Primary by accumulating higher voter turnout percentages in the 55 counties she carried than her opponent in the rest of the state. With over-all voter turn-out of only averaging 1.6% in the 2006 Democratic Primary state-wide, some of the counties Alvarado carried had voter turn-outs up to 33.05%!

Her upset victory over a never-before defeated Judge and former member of the Texas Legislature surprised insiders and media. She defied pundits who said a challenger could not win a contested state-wide Primary without millions of dollars for consultants’ fees and media advertising. Examination of the counties she carried demonstrates that Alvarado’s message, and her campaign style of listening and understanding, appeals to Texans throughout the state. Some of the counties she carried are located in North Texas, far West-Texas, the Valley, the Gulf Coast and the Texas Hill Country.

The top of the ticket Democratic challenger Chris Bell ran a traditional high-dollar campaign for Governor by relying heavily on direct mail and television advertising. Spending only pennies per vote compared to the Chris Bell campaign, Alvarado persuaded more voters to choose her for Lt. Governor in November 2006 than voted for Chris Bell for Governor.

At Starbucks in Arlington earlier this week, Alvarado encouraged friends to continue collecting petition signatures for her. She stated that she will continue what she began in 2006. “I am determined that every citizen in Texas deserves the same thing – fairness, opportunity, good education, affordable health-care, jobs that pay a decent wage and offer rewards for excellence. All Texans deserve a level-playing field in the political process - to be heard by their elected representatives.”

She also stated that she "has never stopped working to engage the one million additional citizens who currently have not voted." Maria Luisa said: "These are the folks we must have for a Democrat to win a General Election. I’m going after those who aren't at Democratic Club meetings, who are not listed in the VAN with voting histories. I’m going for those who think their vote doesn't make enough difference for them to show up. I’m saying that every Texan is necessary for us to make our communities better and to improve things for everyone in Texas."

For more information about this event on Monday, contact Irma Mathis at 210-238-7950.
Maria Luisa for Texas LT. Governor
Irma Mathis