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Ozeal Glasses Offers New Glasses Collections for All Veterans Who Served

Veterans Day - November 11 is such an important day for all Americans. Veterans have served the country, the devotion and gallantry they performed in the war should be remembered and respected. Now it's time for us to serve them and their families. Ozeal offers three colletions for all veterans with great discount.

New York, NY, November 01, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Ozeal has been providing quality eye glasses and accompanying accessories to many avid customers. Ozeal is also known for its themed glasses and frames for special events. Veterans Day is an important occasion in the USA for both ex-servicemen and all patriotic citizens. The renowned glasses store has unveiled a variety of spectacles ideal for this day. They have been made with themes that celebrate the roles that veterans have done in defense of their country.

There are three collections of new glasses that veterans can choose from. The first collection is that of classic tortoise-shell glasses. They have been made especially ideal for those who worked in the army. These glasses frames are made of dark colors with shades of gold which would give the wearer a solid appearance characteristic of army officers.

The other collection that Ozeal has launched is that of wayfarer glasses. They are styled in a way that would appeal to those who worked in the navy. Those which come in dark blue shades may be a favorite among many ex-navy men and women.

Aviator glasses have definitely been designed to honor former airmen. They are made to mimic the agility of the eagle. No doubt, former airmen would find a lot of meaning in rocking new glasses that symbolize what they did for their country. For family members of veterans, Ozeal’s themed spectacles are small thoughtful gifts to show appreciation and pride in their patriotic service. Veterans have always valued any appreciation they are accorded in recognition of what they did for the USA however small it is.

Aside from the unique glasses frames, Ozeal is making it easier for people to get their themed glasses as well. The store is providing these glasses at discounted prices for its customers. Basically, the more people spend on their products, the greater the discount they stand the chance of getting. For example, when customers spend between $100 and $200 on their products, they stand to benefit from a discount of $20. Making purchases of a value between $200 and $300 attracts a discount of $40. For purchases more than $300, an $80 discount applies. Hence, aside from just selling themed glasses, Ozeal is making it more affordable for veterans to celebrate this day that commemorates their courageous service.

Wayfarer glasses as well as aviator glasses are accessories which will add a lot of meaning to many veterans’ celebration of Veteran’s Day. No doubt, even an American citizen who has never served in the forces may find tortoise-shell glasses a stylish way to experience all this important day. For avid American glass wearers, this offer by Ozeal glasses is one which complements one of the most important days on their calendar. It would be a sight worth watching the way veterans who get their hands on these glasses. They will flaunt on November 11th.
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