Vizigy Media Technologies Launches Version 2.0 of Its Video Asset Management Platform

Vizigy, Inc. ( announced availability of version 2.0 of its video management platform. This latest offering provides over 15 new features to better curate, employ and control access to video assets throughout a business.

San Jose, CA, November 29, 2013 --( New release offers more than 15 new features including redesigned user interface and client content management capabilities.

Vizigy, Inc. ( announced availability of version 2.0 of its video management platform. This latest offering provides enterprises more capabilities to better curate, employ and control access to video assets throughout their businesses. This new release also includes a complete upgrade of the user experience as well as a suite of new administrative capabilities that allow content managers to better organize and deliver their content to targeted customers and users.

“Release 2.0 is a major upgrade for the Vizigy platform that will make video fundamentally easier to manage and access for the enterprise with the objective of making video more valuable,” said Tim Herr, CTO at Vizigy. “With this new version, we're continuing to expand how video can be employed by businesses to enhance their customer experience as well as reducing the time and effort it takes to deploy new content,” Herr also stated.

Making Video More Valuable to the enterprise: The new features in Release 2.0 provide businesses added ways to use video within their organization as well as creating a new level of rapid deployment of new video content. Key new and enhanced features include:

Updated user workspace:

- New Graphical user interface

- Search and sorting of video content enhanced

- Filtering of video by meta-tags and/or categories

- Enhanced progress tracking of videos being watched allows users to pause and restart videos

- New category of available downloadable files separate from having to download from within a video product.

Video Content Management:

- Integrated and automated video encoding into multi-bit rate files optimized for multi-screen streaming

- No programming required for managing or implemented any part of the system

- Create and edit multi-chapter video products or modules

- Upload and attach files to video products for downloading

- Ability to create collections that contain multiple video products

- Create and set multiple meta-tags based on video modules

- Create categories and assign video products and collections to the categories

- Built in video preview feature while managing and creating video products

- Ability to easily and quickly repurpose videos into multiple products and products into multiple collections

- Create different descriptions for video products based on the user workspace or for display in the marketplace

- Upload and manage thumbnail graphics for various video products and collections

Access Management:

- Clients can now quickly add and manage users to their video domain

- Quickly and easily add/remove videos available to users or groups of users

- Enable access on an individual user basis to individual videos, multi-chapter videos and entire collections

- Set access to be unlimited time or by a beginning and ending date

- Designate access by status of user – unregistered, anyone logged in, assigned

- User self registration as well as admin registration

- Enhanced paywall/marketplace that allows any module or collection to be be quickly set up as a product for sale

- Recurring payments that allows you to easily set both time period the content is available as well as when the user is billed.

According to Randall Whiting, CEO of Vizigy, “We believe this release represents an industry leading step in the ability for businesses to manage and roll out valuable video assets more quickly and easily.” “If we can make video content easier to deal with, businesses will gain greater value from their investment in the videos.”

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