The American Dream is Not Dead for Neo Lux CEO Sheldon Williamson

Startup company Neo Lux is re-launching their funding campaign, promising to change the way we dress at night, with their new unique line of light up clothing.

Dayton, OH, October 30, 2013 --( Sheldon Williamson, CEO of Neo Lux LLC, has re-launched the start up companies bid for funding via crowd sourced funding giant Kickstarter. “Our dream of making the nighttime a safer place is not dead, and we will not give up until we achieve it.” -Sheldon WIlliamson. His uniquely designed light up hoodies promise to bring safety and style to night goers everywhere.

Williamson hopes to receive his new funding goal of $9,000 by December 5th, in order to begin manufacturing and selling their product. This reduced goal is just one of the changes made to their second try at a Kickstarter funding campaign. Among the other changes is a reduced stretch goal to help Audra Ankeney. Kickstarter usually is only about giving money to get a product, but in this case, should they meet their stretch goal of $15,000, Sheldon plans on designing and delivering a prosthetic limb for the disabled girl. “She’s a really great girl, and I can’t think of anything more worthy than helping someone else with my own good fortune.” -Sheldon Williamson. One week into their new funding campaign they have already raised a massive $7,200, more than their first campaign raised in 30 days. If they stay on their current course they will be fully funded before the week is out... and well into their stretch goals by campaign completion.

“I am an American with a dream. My product Will save lives, and provide jobs for numerous local Dayton residents. How many jobs and how quickly we can increase that number depends on how much support we get. With your help, we can change the night forever.” -Sheldon Williamson.

"After getting hit by a car while I was out one night, I realized that the driver just couldn't see me. I needed some way to make my presence known, and that's when I had the idea." -Sheldon Williamson

"You would be helping her a million fold with giving her something to keep her safe at night to be out doing what she loves. Being Normal." - Tonya Ankeney
Neo Lux LLC
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